Meatless Meals That Will Make You Drool in 2018

I’m back with some more great ideas for your meatless meals! Have you checked out my beet and quinoa stuffed artichokes? Or my sundried tomato and mushroom lentil casserole?

How’s it going so far? A few of my friends swear by McDonald’s Fillet of Fish for Fridays in Lent. Who am I to judge?! Especially if you are super busy! But…if that isn’t your thing, hang out here with me for a few minutes and get your notepad ready to add a few new things to your grocery list.


I love wraps. All sorts of wraps. Tortilla wraps, flatbread wraps, wonton-wrapped goodies, and Spring Rolls. They are pretty easy and so diverse! You can stick anything in there and call it a meal. I also love using the Spring Roll wraps because they are low carb, and the family gets a kick out of being able to see what is in their food.

Some great additions to Spring Rolls wraps are

  • Rice Noodles and veggies, with a side of spicy peanut sauce
  • Rice, Shrimp, and Avocado (a bit like a California Roll), soy sauce on the side
  • Cabbage, crab, and a few sprigs of Cilantro
  • Micro-greens and Lentils with a curry sauce on the side

You could basically put whatever you want inside!

Moving on to something more in line with comfort food, my family loves the simplicity of Tortellini in broth with cheese sprinkled over the top. It’s quick, cheap, and easy! You could always add a salad to the side, french bread, or some veggies.

Now for the Eggplant

Next, I bring you Eggplant. I admit that it can sometimes fall into the category of questionable vegetables. Fixed the right way, it’s almost unrecognizable! (For my kids, that can be a good thing sometimes.) Eggplant is very versatile, and it absorbs flavor very well. I’ve heard it referred to as “sponge-like”, which understandably turns some people off from using it. It reminds me a bit of Tofu in that regard, a bit flavorless on its own, but quite delightful when fixed just right.

For this recipe, I peeled and sliced the eggplant 1/2 inch thick. Then I brushed both sides with a Chimi Churry sauce, and let it marinate for a couple of hours in the fridge. When I was ready to make dinner, I cooked it low and slow in a cast iron skillet until it was tender. It was very flavorful served on a bed of greens with some melty cheese on top. It would also be great with a side of polenta.

Coming up in the next post, I’ll share the quick recipe for the cheesy noodle “cupcakes” in the featured photo! Be sure to check out our full archives for meatless meals as well as our Pinterest board of meatless meals, too!

May your Lent be blessed and spiritually fruitful!

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