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Of Note–January 2020

Let’s face it, we are all busy, modern women and we just don’t have the time or the energy to vet or read everything the CatholicRead more »

Priests Are People Too

It takes a special man to answer God’s call to the priesthood. In a world that glamorizes power, pleasure, and self-indulgence,Read more »

A Reflection on the Presentation

A Reflection on the Presentation

The typical sin offering was a lamb and a turtledove, but because of their poverty Mary and Joseph were allowed to make a sacrifice of aRead more »

The Road to Bethlehem & The Flight to Egypt

Two Incredible Moves Nothing goes together quite like military life and moving.  The longest my husband and I have ever lived anywhereRead more »

Lectio Divina: Grow Closer to God This Advent Through Divine Reading

Catholics get a bad rap when it comes to reading and knowing their Bible. It’s a shame, really, because not only is nearly every lineRead more »

Me and the Fig Tree

The next day, I talked to a friend who is a wealth of Catholic knowledge. I asked him my question about Jesus cursing the fig tree to whichRead more »

Of Note–December 2019

We are nearly a week into Advent 2019 here is what we’ve found worth reading in the world of Catholic blogging.Read more »

Being the Living Crib

Being the Living Crib

This Advent, many families will prepare a crib scene to prepare for Christmas and celebrate the coming of Our Lord. It’s a great AdventRead more »

Finding the One Thing that Slows Me Down

Finding the One Thing that Slows Me Down

Stress and overwhelm seem to be part and parcel to the gig of motherhood. Add to that, if you are a stay at home mom, there is lessRead more »

Interview with Author Kevin Wells: The Priests We Need to Save the Church

When his uncle, Monsignor Tom Wells, was brutally murdered in his rectory in 2000 former sports writer, Kevin Wells, turned to writing toRead more »

Physical or Spiritual Imperfections: Which Ones are We Embracing?

Our culture is saturated with messages that we, as women, are “not enough.” Everywhere we look, there are billboards or commercialsRead more »

2019 Advent Photo Journey

2019 Advent Photo Journey

Where as this year gone? We’re about to celebrate Thanksgiving and then just a few days later it’s the beginning of Advent, onRead more »

May Her Soul Rest In Peace, Oh Lord

May Her Soul Rest in Peace, O Lord

I had attended the group a few months prior to share information about a mental health support group I help to run in the local area, as IRead more »

The Prodigal Son’s Older Brother? That’s Me.

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” -Alexander Pope When I was thirteen, my parents got divorced and then, in a surprising turn ofRead more »

What Momento Mori Means to Me

What Memento Mori Means to Me

Memento Mori: remember you will die. I remember the night I thought I was going to die! I had been having pain in my right leg. My doctorRead more »

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