Fabulously Featured: Ora et Labora et Maternitas

Welcome to Catholic Sistas’ newest series, featuring some of our friends in the Catholic blogging world entitled Fabulously Featured which will run on Wednesdays. I have always wanted to introduce you to some new blogs to follow and support, but seriously lacked the time to put this together before now. In a Facebook group of fellow Catholic women bloggers, I asked ladies to answer some questions for this series, and they were all too excited to participate! I give you their answers in their own words.:)



CajunTexasMom of Ora et Labora et Maternitas captures my heart for two reasons – one, she lives in Texas {in Houston where I was born!}, and two, she blogs anonymously. One of the things I really appreciate about her desire to be anonymous is that anonymity shouldn’t hinder a reader’s ability to identify with and appreciate her experiences. Coming from an online forum myself, I appreciate and understand where she comes from. I also realize that anonymity can sometimes work against us as bloggers. You may have noticed over the years that Catholic Sistas tends toward using first names. All writers are invited to share their writing at their comfort level, and that translates to anything from using their full name such as myself, down to first names only and even writing anonymously as a guest post.




The focus of my blog is navigating the challenges of being a work-outside-the-home Catholic mom.


I have always loved writing.  For a while, I blogged and wrote articles for some local publications, but after a while grew tired of my story assignments and longed to write more meaningful content.  I loved reading Catholic mommy blogs, but they were all written by SAHMs.  I saw a need for a working mom blog, but never took the plunge because I always thought I was just a few months away from becoming a SAHM myself.  Finally, at the encouragement of a friend and reading Jennifer Fulwiler’s eBook “The Family-First Creative”, I picked a blog name and got started!


For me, the best part of blogging is writing for other women out there like me.  I know firsthand what it’s like to struggle and fee like you are somehow lacking as a Catholic because you work outside the home.  I love that my blog is a platform to blow that perception – that lie – to smithereens!


One of my favorite posts to date was also one of my first: “Stuck”  I was having a bad case of the Mondays and was so discouraged, but I remembered some particularly inspiring words from St. Josemaria and I let my thoughts tumble out onto the keyboard.  In a way, it captures the tone of my blog in general.


In truth, the blog is never a priority.  My prayer life, my family, and my job are my priorities.  I blog when I have time, and I have no regrets about the schedule.  Some weeks, I feel more chatty or have a lot to say.  Other weeks, I work super long hours and come home unable to form a coherent thought.  And you know what?  That’s ok.


Any working professional, and/or moms in any state of life, and/or Catholics.

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I don’t really have a catchphrase or tagline, but my profile on Instagram really says it all – Catholic. Wife. Mom. Breadwinner.


If you want to write a Catholic blog, get to reading some good Catholic blogs!  Read the fun ones, read the brainy ones, read the ones that teach you and challenge your knowledge of theology, read the ones that make you laugh til you cry.  Then, figure out your audience.  Pick three of your favorite bloggers and ask them for advice or help.  Join blogging Facebook groups and Twitter chats.  Find your voice, and use it!



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