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Of Note–January 2020

by: Maurisa MayerleLet’s face it, we are all busy, modern women and we just don’t have the time or the energy to vet or read everythingRead more »

Of Note–December 2019

by: Maurisa MayerleWe are nearly a week into Advent 2019 here is what we’ve found worth reading in the world of Catholic blogging.Read more »

Finding the One Thing that Slows Me Down

Finding the One Thing that Slows Me Down

by: Martina KreitzerStress and overwhelm seem to be part and parcel to the gig of motherhood. Add to that, if you are a stay at home mom,Read more »

Here I am Lord Broken

Here I am, Lord…Broken

by: guestWho knew that these weekly visits would become my number one most important survival tool? It was as if Jesus timed my discoveryRead more »

Of Note – November 2019

by: Maurisa MayerleAre you looking for articles of interest, or of note, that can really satisfy your liturgical living? Look no furtherRead more »

Running - My Holy Hour

Running – My Holy Hour

by: RandiMy running has felt a little flat recently. I’ve been struggling to just feel decent on my runs let alone good. My legsRead more »

Of Note–October 2019

by: Maurisa MayerleLet’s get brutally honest here. Are you team pumpkin spice or apple cider? Me? I’m a lover of all thingsRead more »

Spiritual lessons my caregivers teach me

Spiritual Lessons my Caregivers Taught Me

by: Sarah BaileyThese people would help with daily living skills. They would be known as my caregivers. I am grateful forRead more »


Dear Distracted Mom of Littles

by: Krista SteeleHow do I keep toddlers behaved during Mass while still maintaining some semblance of prayer and worship for myself?Read more »

How I Love My Spouse Well Enough

How I Love My Spouse Well Enough

by: Martina KreitzerThrough the years, our communication method would became dated. What once seemed sufficient enough to convey wants andRead more »

Of Note–September 2019

by: Maurisa MayerleFall is in the air! Are you feeling it yet? We sure are in Utah. The days are growing shorter. The weather is muchRead more »

9 Ways Two Isms can Coexist in Your Large Family

9 Ways Two ‘Isms’ can Coexist in Your Large Family: Catholicism and Minimalism

by: Martina Kreitzer…having a large family doesn’t mean you have to own all. the. things. Learn some easy ways your largeRead more »

Making Room For Disability

We need to make room for people with disabilities In our lives, schools, and church communities. Society will continue toRead more »

Of Note-August 2019

by: Maurisa MayerleOf Note offers you the most worthy, relevant reads that will keep you informed and in-tune without wasting yourRead more »

Running Changed My View On Confession

Running Changed My View on Confession

by: RandiI don’t go to confession nearly as often as I’d like, but when I do, it’s always this image of the vast towering cross andRead more »

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