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Of Note–September 2019

by: Maurisa MayerleFall is in the air! Are you feeling it yet? We sure are in Utah. The days are growing shorter. The weather is muchRead more »

9 Ways Two Isms can Coexist in Your Large Family

9 Ways Two ‘Isms’ can Coexist in Your Large Family: Catholicism and Minimalism

by: Martina Kreitzer…having a large family doesn’t mean you have to own all. the. things. Learn some easy ways your largeRead more »

Making Room For Disability

We need to make room for people with disabilities In our lives, schools, and church communities. Society will continue to viewRead more »

Of Note-August 2019

by: Maurisa MayerleOf Note offers you the most worthy, relevant reads that will keep you informed and in-tune without wasting yourRead more »

Running Changed My View On Confession

Running Changed My View on Confession

by: RandiI don’t go to confession nearly as often as I’d like, but when I do, it’s always this image of the vast towering cross andRead more »

What are you willing to do about it

What are you willing to do about it?

by: guestBut…at some point, we have to muster up the resolve (through prayer or action) to make changes for the better. Even if theyRead more »

IVF Hurts People with Disabilities

IVF Hurts People with Disabilities

by: Sarah Bailey“Since prenatal screening tests were introduced in Iceland in the early 2000s, the vast majority of women — close toRead more »

The Best Dang Road Trippin' Van and Essential Travel Hacks

The Best Dang Road Trippin’ Van & Essential Travel Hacks

by: Martina KreitzerSpanning nearly three decades, we have made the trek to NoVA many a time in a Sentra, a Trooper, a Santa Fe, and YukonRead more »

Of Note-July 2019

by: Maurisa MayerleWe’ve had swimming lessons, baseball, picnics, and are planning at least 3 summer get-aways. Let’s take aRead more »

Crisis of Faith

Crisis of Faith

by: Krista SteeleI’m struggling with my relationship with the Church and have stopped attending Mass since October. About KristaRead more »

Nourish My Body, Nourish My Soul

Nourish My Body, Nourish My Soul

Although what we eat plays an important part in nourishing our body, where we eat and with whom we eat nourishes our soul.  ThisRead more »

Dating with Disability (1)

Dating With Disability

by: Sarah BaileyAs a person with a disability, I can feel lost. Questions run through my head. What will dating be like? Will anyone everRead more »

Every Run Tells a Story

Every Run Tells A Story

by: RandiWhen I run I am grounded. I am stripped raw of all the worldly afflictions. I am exposed – bare, raw, and vulnerable. AndRead more »

How Do You Fit in Time for Prayer?

How Do You Fit in Time For Prayer?

by: Lisa CanningBefore I had kids, I was a fairly scheduled person. I certainly struggled with maintaining good habits, but I managed toRead more »

The Beauty of Rote Prayer and a Good Planner

The Beauty of Rote Prayer and a Good Planner

by: Martina KreitzerOn and off over the years, we had often called on the Good Saint for his help, from selling homes, to work-relatedRead more »