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Why We Remember

On this day we remember those who have fought for our land and our freedom.  It is with great honor and respect that we dedicate this day to those who have given everything they have to protect our rights.  It is important that we pass on this respect to our children and to future generations for without those willing to sacrifice their time, their safety, and perhaps even their lives, our rights would be in jeopardy.  Today, please remember those who have sacrificed their lives to insure that we can worship, speak, and live freely.

Why We Remember….

To show our respect for those who have given their all for us

To honor those whose names we do not even know

In remembrance of those we love and miss

For pride in our country, our faith, and our fellow man

For hope

By Michelle Fritz

Michelle Fritz is a daughter of God, a cradle Catholic, a Georgia peach, a devoted wife of almost 30 years to amazing husband Mike, and an eclectic homeschooling mother to eleven living children. She has experienced the loss of 16 babies in her call to be open to life, but knows that God is always loving and always gracious. She and her husband know that they have an army of Saints already in heaven!

In addition to her vocation as wife, mom, and homeschool teacher she also holds a Masters in Theology and has recently taken on the role of Youth Minister for both the middle school and high school groups at her parish.