Respect Life Splendid Sundays

Splendid Sundays: Proclaim Life!

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time

Today’s readings at USCCB:

Think about the job God gave to Jonah, he was to walk the streets of huge and hugely wayward Ninevah… to tell them about God’s plan for them. Sound familiar?

Tomorrow begins the annual March for Life! Thousands to hundreds of thousands will be marching the streets of cities around the world to proclaim God’s plan, to proclaim life!! Polish up on your pro-life apologetics (CatholicSistsas articles will give you a good start), make like Jonah and hit the streets!!!

By Adrienne

Adrienne is a cradle Catholic married to a devout Evangelical Christian. They have been married eleven years and have three beautiful blessings, one boy and two girls. She spends her days homesechooling the kiddos and enjoys Catholic apologetics and photography. As a former Software Engineer, writing in the English language is not her strong suit, but she’s trying her best at Catholic Sistas, well, because they let her.