Sistas Weekly No. 2

Welcome to the recap of the Catholic Sistas blog for the week of September 3 – September 8! Hopefully you will find this new feature a helpful assist in keeping up with our wonderfully diverse posts. We wouldn’t want you to miss a thing!  😆

As part of our blogging schedule we have agreed, as a group, that we will not be doing individual blog posts on Sundays. Our week in review, Sistas Weekly, is set to auto-post so that we can keep holy the Sabbath and spend time with our families.


20 Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Large Families, But Were Afraid to Ask

Our family size has been the topic of many conversations.  People are always asking us various questions, some with genuine interest, others out of rudeness.  It never ceases to amaze me what people will ask or will say behind our backs instead of asking us. There have been times where I have been hurt by what I have heard.   Many would be shocked to hear some of the comments we’ve endured from people who think that it is crazy to actually want a large family.  Read more »


3,2,1…Get ready to talk numbers.

Remember last February when the Catholic Sistas conducted their own informal survey in response to the media claims that 98% of women who identify as Catholic use contraception? Well, some other Catholic women in Washington, D.C. have done a formal survey using the nationally-regarded primary research and consulting firm, Polling Company, Inc. WomanTrendRead more »


Veiling Through the Joyful Mysteries

In June I shared ‘Lifting the Veil…’, a post about my decision to begin veiling. In reading the subsequent comments, I found renewed vigor in my resolve to veil and gained insight into addressing many of the questions that arose concerning my reasoning behind this devotional act. Contrary to the objection that veiling is an act of drawing attention to oneself, my logic is much more personal and spiritual.  Read more »


 Why We’re NOT Saving for College

One of the first things people used to say to us when we told them we wanted a large family was, “But how do you plan to pay for college for all those kids?” My answer was simple and usually shocked them: “We don’t.”

It’s hard to argue that we don’t encourage an extended adolescence for our children these days. In addition to providing the right clothes and expensive, popular electronics during childhood, we’re now also expected to: Read more »


 7 Quick Takes Friday, no. 5: Catholic Apps

For this month’s 7 Quick Takes, I decided to ask the ink slingers about their favorite Catholic smartphone apps and compile a list of our top seven. As busy moms, many of these apps provide us with ways to get to a variety of prayers quickly and/or aid us in our daily prayer life. There are many, many options out there and most of these apps are available for a variety of handheld devices. Please share some of your favorite apps in the comments! We are always looking for more.

So without further ado, the results of our highly unscientific, informal ink slingers poll: Read more »


I’m So Pleased to Have Been Wrong – Cardinal Dolan’s Benediction

I’ll have to be honest about my skepticism when it was announced that Cardinal Dolan would subject himself to rubbing shoulders with the party that officially includes abortion and same sex ‘marriage’ in their platform. Then word came down that this party had also excluded the word ‘God’. What a shocking and shameful day for the United States of America! That they rammed mention of our God-given rights back into their platform after the righteous indignation of the People, was not much salve for the wound that lay open from the initial omission of His holy Name. Read more »


Ruffling Some Feathers

If you know me in real life, you know that there are many things that I’m passionate about. There are also many things that I take a “you’re entitled to your own opinion, and we’ll have to agree to disagree” stance about. Then there are other things that I just get flat out fired up and “preachy” about. I guess in that regard I’m not that different from anyone else. Read more »

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