Sistas Weekly No. 1

Welcome to the recap of the Catholic Sistas blog for the week of August 27 – September 1! Hopefully you will find this new feature a helpful assist in keeping up with our wonderfully diverse posts. We wouldn’t want you to miss a thing!  😆

As part of our blogging schedule we have agreed, as a group, that we will not be doing individual blog posts on Sundays. Our week in review, Sistas Weekly, is set to auto-post so that we can keep holy the Sabbath and spend time with our families.


 August 27 – September 1 :


The Farce of Reproductive Rights, or, How to Turn Personal Liberty into Slavery

To whomever composed this meme: …except that half of every human being comes from the father…except that from the instant two gametes unite the 46 chromosome zygote isn’t the mother, and it isn’t the father. It’s itself.  Read more »



Pushing Them through The Tears

Once in a while as parents, we have to do things we don’t like with our children in order to bring out a greater good. In my family it involves a lot of kicking and screaming and whining. And then there’s the kids’ reaction.  Shock of all shocks, my kids are a lot like I was as a kid. Crazy how genetics work, huh? And what an amazing built-in parenting tool this can be! I have identified that 75% of my children respond to new situations almost identical to the way I would have. Read more »


On Loneliness

We live in a world of busyness, a bustling world filled with constant music and TVs and talking and noise, a world where we can communicate instantly via cellphone or the internet. We can play a game with a stranger in China, or video chat with a relative in Germany. We can seek friendships with those who live across two oceans. And yet, despite the billions of other people in this world, hundreds of coworkers and fellow parishioners and neighbors, dozens of friends and family members… sometimes we just feel lonely. Read more »


Do You Trust Me?

“There are places in the heart that do not yet exist; suffering has to enter in for them to come to be.” – Leon Bloy The past seven years have been, for the most part, hellish for my family. A member with chronic pain, the loss of two children, betrayals by extended family, crushing financial difficulties, the burgeoning special needs of our son, clinical depression, and finally, a lengthy employment separation of my husband from the family has left us feeling like the best we can do most days is tread water. Read more »


Add a Little Spice to Your Love Life – Dinner Date on the Deck 

My husband and I are foodies.  More accurately I suppose, am a foodie and he is along for the ride!  I love to cook, he loves to eat and when we were dating and engaged (all long distance with many hours over the phone) my mother would often say “I’ve never heard anyone talk about food as much as you two!”   read more>


Take Me to The Truth

Honestly, we resort to all kinds of measures in avoiding situations where we feel uncomfortable.  While the circumstances that trigger discomfort might be different for each one of us, the reasons why we feel this discomfort originate from the same place within each one of us.  Merriam-Webster defines discomfort as: “distress, grief, mental or physical uneasiness.” So why do we feel distress and grief? It’s hard to go there. That’s why we avoid it in the first place. Read more »


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