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Money Back Guarantee Babies: IVF Has Officially Reached the Bottom of the Barrel

When I read this article, I couldn’t shake the chills that went up my spine. I’m sure there is plenty of evil out in the world that I’ll never know about, but it doesn’t cease to amaze or shock me at man’s capacity and almost downright ingenuity — for lack of a better word — and inclination toward sin. This is just seeking profit from humanity, turning people into a disposable crop to be sold, like corn, or pork bellies.

I feel for people that have infertility problems. I have friends who are infertile or have difficulty having children, and it is painful process that can have a toll on your faith. But this type of preying people’s desperation and indiscriminate peddling of embryos has the moral stench of slavery.

A doctor whom I refuse to name to give him publicity, offers a “money back guarantee” on donor eggs and sperm that he mass produced into embryos  (read: human beings without the comfort of their mommas’ wombs and worse, no immediate womb to call home) and sells them as essentially adopted embryos by couples who are at the end of their emotional and financial rope with traditional IVF methods.

What’s worse?  Google “Money Back Guarantee IVF.”  Pages of results for companies offering lowballing guarantees.  I was informed by a friend and fellow contributor that this approach is actually not as uncommon as I had originally thought. What stood out to me in the article was not the idea that we as a society have truly commoditized (like corn or pork bellies) our children, as sad as that one particular aspect is, but rather that ethicists were gobsmacked by the lack of ethics that this doctor in question has.

Critics who are in favor of traditional IVF are horrified at this. But why should they be? This is only the next logical step in a series of steps that remove the unitive from the procreative act. If children are  a choice due to artificial birth control, then the slow slide through abortion, homosexuality as normal, gay adoption and surrogacy, IVF, and now open market peddling of embryos has become, if not moral, legal.

Many things here horrify me. Things that go back to the slippery slope of IVF to begin with. Secular doctors can’t honestly be surprised at the supposed horror of the doctor’s methods when the intrinsic reality of procreation left the bedroom decades ago.  Clearly this doctor feels he is doing a perceived good for his clients by saving them money and further heartache. He is so confident that his work will result in a child that he has guaranteed the baby or you get your $9800 back.

Our secular minds have been transformed to think we are owed life. If, when, how, where and with whom are all now “choices.”

This is painfully wrong.  We are no more owed the gift of children than we are to expect any other gift God sees fit to bless us with.  I know how painful that sounds, but you don’t have a right to do whatever you want to have children.  You just aren’t.  What’s happened over the years is that we have allowed what used to be moral minds to be twisted to a secular mentality with the perversion that encourages and embraces the turning of children into a commodity, like crude oil or soybeans.

We have become a society of entitlement, choice, and self-will.

We feel entitled to ignore our bodies capabilities.

We feel entitled to “choice” no matter what that means.

We feel entitled to kill children in the womb.

We feel entitled to force conception of human beings in ways that go beyond the marital act.

We feel entitled to remove the ultimate Author of life from the equation, as if we create life.

The ultimate horror of this doctor’s sin is that he does not view it as sin. Its a financial alternative.   And that is the essence of the Evil One’s work. He will woo you by encapsulating sin in a sugary coat that appears to look “good” or cloak it in false compassion. He will put a question mark where God has put a period.

“Did God really say, ‘You shall not eat from any of the trees in the garden’?”*

As Catholics, we recognize the dignity and value of all life, but we also realize that there are limits to man’s participation and cooperation in the creation of new life. This goes back to the understanding that the primary function of marriage is to bring new life — with God’s aide — into this world. This is the cornerstone of our existence on this earth and why we fight against the assault against marriage. We are not owed children. God entrusts them to our care, but as a wonderful priest put it at a meeting I recently attended for my daughter’s First Holy Communion, they aren’t ours. They were His first.

Am I being harsh?  No.  People cannot create children.  They can take what we have — eggs and sperm, or DNA — and put it together to possibly conceive a child, but we cannot create life from nothing, and we cannot create the soul.  God is the Author of life; not us.

You or someone you know may be thinking, “You can’t just go around telling people what to do since you obviously have six children and have not struggled with infertility! How can you have such a strong opinion about this when you are ignoring the very raw emotions that folks who are infertile go through?”

I realize this may fall hard on the ears of those who have struggled with this issue. I hope that you will take what I’m saying for what it is. It’s not meant to be an emotional slap on the face. What I am saying has to do with something that goes beyond the understandable and palpable heartache of couples who are childless.  We know IVF now appears to create and astonishingly high rate of rare developmental and genetic disorders because of gene expression in vitro.  We have seen humanity turned into a cash crop with stem cells.  And now we see doctors peddling random embryos to the desperate and peddling their wares with money back guarantees.  It is a pervasive, objective evil, and people need to wake up.

The problem for many though is that they have committed themselves to IVF, and with it their minds are wedded to the sin.

In my years of discussing IVF online, I have found that the vast majority of those who were adamantly in support of their choice to use artificial means to conceive their children, quite literally could not separate out the sin from their children. The sin clouded their ability to see IVF as an objective evil. To admit they were wrong for using IVF, they reasoned, was to say their children were wrong. And no amount of persuasion on my part was ever successful in telling them otherwise. The impact of the emotional and financial investment ran so deep that there was almost no way to separate the sin from the precious, innocent children who were not at fault for the means by which they were conceived.

The Church has warned us about the danger of IVF since its advent in the 1950s. A friend has shown me moral theology texts from the 1950s condemning IVF as intrinsically immoral. The Church has warned about the consequences of artificial contraception. The Church has warned about the rise of homosexuality.  The Church has warned about abortion and the culture of death.  The Church has warned us all, and many have ignored the Church as “a bunch of celibate old men.”  Well, I think there is something do be said for those celibate little old men.  Their warnings were correct, and this Doctor’s street peddler attitude about human life only goes to show it.  Time for the sisters out there to wake up and realize we are the place that life begins.  That is the way God designed things, and that is the way we have to live, and insist that society live, because the alternative is a godless monstrosity.

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Sistas Weekly No. 1

Welcome to the recap of the Catholic Sistas blog for the week of August 27 – September 1! Hopefully you will find this new feature a helpful assist in keeping up with our wonderfully diverse posts. We wouldn’t want you to miss a thing!  😆

As part of our blogging schedule we have agreed, as a group, that we will not be doing individual blog posts on Sundays. Our week in review, Sistas Weekly, is set to auto-post so that we can keep holy the Sabbath and spend time with our families.


 August 27 – September 1 :


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The Farce of Reproductive Rights, or, How to Turn Personal Liberty into Slavery


To whomever composed this meme:

…except that half of every human being comes from the father.

…except that from the instant two gametes unite the 46 chromosome zygote isn’t the mother, and it isn’t the father. It’s itself.

…except that people want the state/taxpayers to pay for your opinion and your “rights.” If you are paying for your opinion, that’s fine. Someone else? Well, not so fine.

…except that other people want the state to impose what goes on in their bedrooms as “just as normal” as real marriage, so you’re up against the two-edge sword of hypocrisy.  Just like the “reactoids” that say killing a guilty criminal is the same as an innocent and defenseless child in the womb (I’m not one of them…guilt and innocence mean something), you can’t demand the state enthrone sexual gratification as a right and institution in the same breath you ask the state to allow you to kill a human being in your own body, at your own convenience.

…except that women want the power of the state to ensure this “right” based on privacy, even though it directly conflicts with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on which this country was founded (supposedly).

  • You want liberty at the expense of someone else’s liberty.
  • You treat the unborn like property to be dispensed with at will.
  • You want the state to pay for your choices and rights, too.


One could, even, in a ridiculously hyperbolic moment, say that the unborn are the last face of slavery in the modern world, because really, if you are free to use yourself any way you want and choose the fate of other people you create, what makes you different from a plantation owner?  Let’s not forget that any people born to slaves were property too, to be used, bought, and sold. We can’t buy or sell children now, and we fought a war of great price over the issue that greatly divided this country, but we can kill them at will. And irony of irony, Margaret Sanger and the PP folks are the face of ethnic genocide in the world today, doing everything possible to kill as many of “those people” as they can with their domestic and exported “family planning” otherwise known as the “make sure blacks and Hispanics don’t breed” program.


The zygote is genetically programmed to implant in the uterine wall. The zygote divides itself, makes a sac for development, establishes the line of growth in the umbilical cord, and differentiates its own cellular growth from an embryo to a fetus to a child until it is sufficiently mature to survive on its own.

Scientifically, outside of hormones that change and supplying glucose and nutrients and oxygen and waste transport, a woman’s body doesn’t do anything actively.  It isn’t her body growing. It isn’t her cells at all.  It’s the other way around.  Every child a woman conceives, whether it lives or dies, contributes its own cells and DNA back to the mother.  So give birth to, abort, or miscarry; your children will always be a part of you. Just look into recent studies in Microchimerism.


I’m generally ignoring Todd Akin’s ill-conceived and poorly worded concept of “legitimate rape” because less than .1% of abortions in the United States are due to rape and incest. On that note, rape is horrific and I believe a rapist should be punished by castration, but the person that results from a rape isn’t any less a person. And on incest, please, let’s get real. It’s one of the bottom forms of disgusting in the species, but the argument nonetheless applies: the people who result from it are no less people to be killed because of violence or depravity.

You can if you want recoil in horror at my words, but just as horrific rape and incest and abuse of women are, children conceived out of the circumstance, are, regardless, still people and so they are worthy of life.


The real topic isn’t “reproductive rights”; it is society ignoring the fact that the uterus is the medium for the gestation of the human race in general, and in particular is the place for an entirely separate, unique human being that isn’t the mother and isn’t the father. This is basic science. This isn’t morality. Let’s leave “God” out of the discussion.  In fact, when it comes to same gender equality, we can leave “God” out of it there, too.

If it was your own body, it would be your choice. But reproduction involves someone else that isn’t you. They are just living in you until they can live on their own.  You would think the womb would be safe place, but 4000 people a day in this country find out it isn’t, and countless tens of thousands more are killed across the globe, by force, or by choice, every day.  Nothing like turning your own body into a bloody battlefield, eh?


The unhappy, and rarely mentioned, consequence of ready-made birth control is that for every inch of sexual liberation women have “gained” by the pill, they have had a mile of degradation and objectification “imposed” on them by it.

Sex is supposed to mean something.  It is part of us.  It is integral to who we are as a species, and as genders. Generally speaking, every person born can eventually impregnate or be impregnated.  When sex devolves to recreation while intentionally stifling procreation, it leaves people either empty or preoccupied with gratifying themselves. With that attitude, we end up with teenagers that are encouraged to do whatever makes them feel good, consequence-free; by the time a girl or boy gets to their post-college years they’ve already killed the spark and joy and fun and love that sex is supposed to have for a person.  Look around.  There are clusters of pregnancies amongst girls, sex parties, coed sleepovers and sex buddies and all manner of cheap empty degradation.  I just heard from a friend of a friend whose 15 year old is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is because she and numerous other girls and guys had a coed sleepover at someone’s house and she slept with three or four guys in one night at an all-night orgy.  This, apparently, is a common practice in Japan.  Sex buddies.  Clusters of teenagers whose social circle revolves around the people they have sex with.  That’s what the common bottom dollar denominator is when you can sterilize yourself on a whim and sex becomes solely about recreation.


When procreation drops and recreation reigns, and when children are optional life accessories, and not something integral to who we are, life itself ratchets down several notches.  The step from “my body has the ability to create new life and I need to be responsible for that ability by embracing it, not skirting it…” to “my body is for my pleasure and when and if I want to use it for making children, I will…” is a huge problem.  Short-term thrills give way to long-term problems, and we see the rapid rise of abortion rates, sterility and fertility problems, depression, emotional turmoil, disease, sex slavery, forced prostitution, child abuse, and abuse of women.

No, that isn’t an illogical leap.  One of the biggest “advances” in sex slavery has been forced contraception to keep prostitutes from getting pregnant.


And let’s not forget casual sex’s kissing cousin – the homosexual subculture.  What’s on the rise again?  Good old fashion antibiotic and antiviral-resistant venereal diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts, herpes, and others.  The gay bath house culture is back on the rise now that the cocktail has made AIDS no longer a death sentence, so you can’t die from AIDS now, but you might have to go on industrial strength antibiotics and antivirals to combat your latest STD.


What’s worse is that this path on the big scale is ultimately a death spiral.  Look at places like Russia, Italy and Japan. They are societies of sterile, empty sex with women having abortion after abortion with no marriage and no children, or engaged in different methods of contraception that does who knows what to your body over time.  Then look at China.  Millions killed by the state each year for population control, and people forced to contracept so that they don’t have their children killed or have crushing taxes imposed on them for having more children (35-65K per child in taxes).

Does this country, any country, really, really want to end up like that?  Look at the real, day-to-day face of “population control” “family planning” and “sexual liberation.” If it doesn’t frighten you… it should.


Instead of being coy by saying a man should have no opinion about abortion, even though about 48% of every human being is their father’s DNA – why don’t you think human beings that aren’t born yet have no right to live?  You can sexually recreate, but you can’t accept responsibility for the fact you can create new people while you’re recreating? Of course you know you can procreate. There wouldn’t be 29783 ways to prevent procreation, so that you are free to recreate and perhaps spread a disease or two.


I know people look at Catholics and religious people in general and think we’re either general freaks, control freaks, or prudes, but it isn’t so much controlling or being a freak as it is understanding the real world impact of high level moral attitudes and permissive attitudes. My view of the world is twofold: the moral realm, and the practical realm of decision making in what people used to call the Natural Law.  Morality and immorality have consequences. The convenient truth for more than five hundred years of western civilization is that humanity needs to cast off the yoke of Catholic stricture and Popes saying no.  The real truth is that after casting off Catholicism for five hundred years, the world is a poorer, more troubled place.  Politics, morality, sociology, psychology, economics, sexual ethics, medicine, you name it… each facet of the modern world ails from the lack of wisdom and restraint true Catholic Faith brings.  In embracing “liberty” the world has instead embraced slavery.  And worse, most times it doesn’t even realize it.  The world needs to listen to Catholics, instead of trying to extinguish it or co-opt it like the Obama administration is right now.


Civil rights in this century aren’t about intrinsically STERILE same-gender sexual recreationalists being treated like normal biological partners. The real civil rights movement is that of the unborn TO BE BORN without extermination by the state, or their own mothers, along with Catholicism having a right to exist, a right to inform, and a right to practice our faith without prejudice.

And so, in response, I have a better, pithier meme.

CHOICE: The New Battlefield. The New Face of Slavery.

Perspective from the Head Stacy D.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Stat Counters

We have a confession to make.

We did not exactly understand the difference between a dumb page counter and smart analytics.  But we do now.

Since the launch of Catholic Sistas, we’ve been running an old fashioned page counter along with analytics and so we noticed last week that as we approached our One Year Anniversary we thought we were about to hit One Million Page Views on the counter. WOO HOO – time to celebrate – or so we thought.

One of our contributing sistas went and looked at one of our forms of analytics and the numbers there were “off” from the front page counter and so we had to figure out what the discrepancy was.  Unfortunately, this came after we had announced our exciting “news” on Facebook and our blog.  Oops, pride goes before the fall.  So that’s when we learned the differences between the dumb counter and smart analytics.

Simple stat counters can be confused by refreshing a page or double counting a hit, it has no good way of telling why it’s incrementing the page count.  Analytics, on the other hand, is able to tell the difference in how your site is viewed – page by page.  So here is what we learned: a simple stat counter (which was on our front page) can race on up to a million hits before you know it but what you really need to know is what analytics tells you.

Visitors are the total number of people that come to our site.  Unique visitors eliminate double counting when people come back to our site.  In other words, unique visitors are our readership.  Page views are the big number, they only tell us how many times a page or our site’s pages have been loaded.  What we are interested in, as  bloggers, is visitors and unique visitors because they tell us our readership and how often that readership reads our site.  Other nifty things we learned about this week are things like “time on page” and “time on site”, “bounce rate”, and “number of pages per visit”.   All of these statistics tell us a lot more about ourselves and our readers than a dumb stat counter.

This, in turn, made us think about the parallels with spiritual lives.  Many times we fall into a pattern of prayer or practice and might not think about whether that is the best way of doing things.  Are we understanding our Faith or our self better and making progress in our spiritual life?  Analytics is like spiritual direction, it helps us to know ourselves better and where to focus on how to improve.  So what we have learned about this is to not take numbers at face value but look inside the numbers to find information and guidance just like a good spiritual director can help us make sense of our real spiritual state and progress.  Thanks to one of our newest contributing sistas to understand our site and analytics.

So what about numbers?  One of our contributors summed it up best:

We’re all about quality over quantity; one soul is of immeasurable worth.

So we say one more time, thanks a MILLION for your unique visits and for sharing our blog with others, we are all mothers, sisters, wives doing this all for the Glory of God and to earn a couple of brownie points in Heaven.