Seven Quick Takes for January 2016 borrowed from 2015


January is here and with it, of course, comes a new year. So I thought it would be fun to do a quick review of some of Catholic Sistas’ posts from 2015. The how and why each post was chosen is a secret and will not be revealed. Ok, ok – you twisted my arm – with the exception of quick take 7, my selections were based simply on stats.

So here goes – in order of when they were posted and not by number of comments they received we have from 2015:

Quick Take one: Your Number One Job as a Wife (It’s Not What You Think) Published October 15th

Quick Take two: White Martyrdom, Red Martyrdom, and a Rainbow Published June 30th

Quick Take three : Bruce Jenner: What Does Love Demand? Published June 4th and June   Read Part one here  and part two here.  

Quick Take four: What to Do When Your Mother Betrays You   Published May 18th    

Quick Take five: Why Settle for Shades of Grey?  Published February 5th 

Quick Take six: 50 Shocking Things {Im}perfect Catholic Women Admit Published January 23rd 

Quick Take seven: Here is my seventh pick from the our past posts – this one is not from 2015 but rather from 2014 but it is seasonally appropriate so I am  including it as my last Quick Take review. A day in the Holy Family Published January 1st 2014 

While this is probably the briefest quick take seven post I have ever written I just might have given you way more to read than I ever have in the past, especially if you become inspired to sift through the hundreds of great posts previously published by Catholic Sistas.  Don’t forget to pop over to This Ain’t the Lyceum and peruse the other Seven Quick Takes on this first day of the new year. 

Until next month I pray that you have a fruitful beginning to the New Year and a peaceful New Years day weekend.



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