10 Ways to Instill Pro-Life Values in Our Children

I haven’t been as involved in the pro-life movement lately. It’s a roller coaster ride for me. I am so passionate about life and about sharing the gift that a child truly is that is hard on me emotionally to feel continually defeated. Over the summer, I prayed about the true vocation of motherhood and how that translates to my time – the schedule our family keeps – and my responsibility as a mother and God really opened my eyes that my most important work is done within the walls of our own home. So, with this thought, I have been sharing with my kids during this extra special opportunity – that I am carrying a unique individual inside of me – and I thought I would make a list of how we can all share pro-life values with our families, whether pregnant or not!

10 Ways to Instill Pro Life Values in our Children by Janalin Hood

10 Ways to instill pro-life values in our children

1) Point out babies and pregnant women whenever you see them. We always oooh and awwww over babies. Teach your older children to hold doors for pregnant women. Having your children notice the gift of life is step #1.

2) Let your children see in the womb. Watch this National Graphic video about development in the womb. (Appropriate for children that are aware of the birds and the bees. Birth is shown.) Read these books to the younger children; Angel in the Waters and Before you Were Born.

New Baby

Here are our two oldest meeting their baby brother almost two years ago

3) Visit a friend/co-worker/family member that has a newborn and allow them to see (and maybe hold!) the baby.

4) Talk about abortion. This cannot be ignored. We are facing a genocide that is far greater than anything Hitler ever imagined. Our children need to know that some people think it is ok to kill babies that are growing in their mama’s bellies. Even a child can reason and realize that this is not acceptable.

5) Participate in the 40 Days for Life at home with your kids when they are young and as your children get older take them to pro-life rallies and prayer chains. There are many opportunities available locally as well as on a state and national level.

6) Let them witness to others. This is easily done with their words, their actions and what they wear. Our kids especially love this 12 week fetus model!

7) Boycott business that support Planned Parenthood. Here are some great links with many of the lists of companies that fund a business that generates 95% of it’s income from abortion.Quote

8) Always remind your children that they are special and are God’s own creation. When can come to a place where we can see Jesus in every life we instill pro-life values.

9) Read this book written by a former Planned Parenthood employee. UnPlanned, by Abby Johnson. It was like reading some sort of thriller novel… I couldn’t put it down and read it through the night until it was finished. So, you have been warned. Not a bedtime story!

10) Pray without ceasing. Pray for the 3,700 children that will lose their lives today. Pray for the women that feel like they have no other options with their unplanned pregnancies. Pray for the conversion of those in the abortion business.

11) And A BONUS!! Make this personalized timeline of a baby’s development for each of your children.  I made one quickly today for our third child- you can read his birth story here if you like those 🙂

God Made you Special Supplies
Supplies needed:

God Made you Special PDF and cut out clip art (I recommend using a card stock if you have some on hand for keepsake purposes)

-Photos of your child (first sonogram, a pregnancy photo, 3 midway sonograms, and a newborn photo.)


-Glue Stick
God Made you Special Project by Janalin Hood

Use the size guidelines I have provided and let your children cut and paste away! They will LOVE to have their own story of life to share with friends and family and to keep!

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