Pasta in Pumpkin Sauce

Happy Friday to all of you! Here’s a meatless meal for pasta in pumpkin sauce, just in time for autumn, (which starts tomorrow by the way, and just so happens to be my birthday as well!) Either way, make sure you keep this recipe around because it’s delicious. The best part about this recipe, is that it is great with or without meat! Sometimes I’ll add in some chicken and it’s great. It’s good enough to stand on it’s own though, too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-1 can of pureed pumpkin. NOT pumpkin pie mix! Pure pumpkin.

-1 half pint of whipping cream

-1/2 cup vegetable broth

-1 clove of garlic, through garlic press or very finely chopped

-About 5-6 cups of your favorite pasta (without chicken) and 4-5 cups if you are adding chicken (the amount of pasta depends on how “saucy” you like your pasta.)

-Salt and pepper, to taste


1.Cook pasta

2.Meanwhile, combine pumpkin, whipping cream, vegetable broth, garlic, salt and pepper over medium-low heat.

3. Stir until thoroughly combined, and leave on heat until warm, stirring often.

4. Combine pasta and sauce, enjoy!






Yep! It’s that easy 🙂

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