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Seven Quick Takes Friday: Dealing with Dreary November

November, November, November… Such a dreary month in pretty much all the land. Summer is absolutely over; there will be no occasional warm sunny days that cause one to cast their minds back to memories of iced tea in the backyard while children splashed in the sprinkler. The colourful leaves have fallen and been crushed beneath millions of footsteps and are simply brown dust clinging to our shoes and tracking mess through the house. Those far enough north are anticipating that first snowfall that will dress the land in a snowy white fairy gown and grow beautiful lace on the bare branches that wave in the cold winds. We in the south are laying odds as to whether there will even be snow this winter or not, and children are praying fervently for the white Christmas that occurs once every decade or so.

So… what to do about this cheerless month? Myself – I am wrapping myself in dreams and planning for the many incredible feast days that are coming over the next few weeks that will cheer our lonely, cold souls. Advent is almost upon us and Christmas feels even closer.

To help you through this dull and bleak month, I’m creating a quick takes collage of beautiful images that will set you to dreaming too, and take your mind away from the brown grass and gray skies that adorn your front window.


Quick Take One: find beauty amongst the browns of autumn…

brown collage



Quick Take Two: do something crazy like ….

nov crazy things to do

  drink a cup of tea in the trees with your brother


take a nap!

take a nap collage



Quick Take Three: start planning for Advent…

advent collage



Quick Take Four: enjoy yummy hot soups and stews, even fresh bread from the oven. Better yet eat them beside the fire!

nov fire side ii



Quick Take Five: Plan for these feast days…

feast day Collage

and festive baking!

baking collage



Quick Take Six: Enjoy the snow when (or if) it comes…

enjoying the snow


Quick Take Seven: have tea parties and enjoy some flowers….

tea time collage


I would like to draw to a close of Quick Take Friday, not with an image of any kind, but rather a recipe. This will require a trip to the store, unless you have all these essential elements on hand, and then you can have a fun day baking these wonderful cookies for your family or friends. See you next month and who knows what goodies I’ll have to share with you then!

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Domestic Church Hannah M. Ink Slingers Meatless Fridays Recipes

Pasta in Pumpkin Sauce

Happy Friday to all of you! Here’s a meatless meal for pasta in pumpkin sauce, just in time for autumn, (which starts tomorrow by the way, and just so happens to be my birthday as well!) Either way, make sure you keep this recipe around because it’s delicious. The best part about this recipe, is that it is great with or without meat! Sometimes I’ll add in some chicken and it’s great. It’s good enough to stand on it’s own though, too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-1 can of pureed pumpkin. NOT pumpkin pie mix! Pure pumpkin.

-1 half pint of whipping cream

-1/2 cup vegetable broth

-1 clove of garlic, through garlic press or very finely chopped

-About 5-6 cups of your favorite pasta (without chicken) and 4-5 cups if you are adding chicken (the amount of pasta depends on how “saucy” you like your pasta.)

-Salt and pepper, to taste


1.Cook pasta

2.Meanwhile, combine pumpkin, whipping cream, vegetable broth, garlic, salt and pepper over medium-low heat.

3. Stir until thoroughly combined, and leave on heat until warm, stirring often.

4. Combine pasta and sauce, enjoy!






Yep! It’s that easy 🙂