One last rally for Christmas shopping giveaway – HUZZAH!

Do you get tired of giveaways? 

If so, you need to look away. And you might want to stop reading our blog because I LURV me some giveaways. This time of year is SO much fun from my end because the one thing I enjoy doing is promoting and advocating for businesses I really like. And when they’re Catholic, so much the “bettah!”

This is going to be our final giveaway before the madness of Christmas shipping sets in. Don’t worry…we will be resuming some more AMAZING giveaways after the new year.

Onto the details. Have you heard of Catholic Child before? They are an online company that specializes in children’s toys and gifts. I’ve been shopping with them for over five years and have thoroughly enjoyed what these amazing gifts have done for our children’s love of the Faith. I sometimes joke that there isn’t much I haven’t bought for my kids from Catholic Child. One of the things I appreciate about their store is that the catalog is broken down in several simple, easy-to-find ways. If I want to shop by age, easy peasy, quick as a drop-down menu and I’m good to go. Do I need a gift that is appropriate for a particular sacrament? No problemo. There is a quick and easy drop-down menu for that, too. If I need something that is perfect for whatever liturgical season {Advent & Christmas, Lent & Easter} they have the items categorized for ease and convenience. When I stumbled upon their website years ago, I felt like it took the guesswork out of spending hours perusing various items, and if you’re like me and a bit of a “business shopper” you appreciate the streamlined nature of their website.

So..I bet you’re excited to know what is being given away for this last giveaway of 2011!

We have TWO gifts for you to choose from. The first is…

a bundled gift of the St. Thérèse plush doll and the St. Thérèse prayer pillow case. In our house Santa brings religious gifts and last year he brought two of our kiddos the prayer pillow cases, the St. Michael the Archangel and Hail Mary pillow cases. They have been well-loved and held up wonderfully. We also have the St. Thérèse doll as well and she has been a favorite in our family for years.


The next giveaway is perfect for anyone who loves to collect nativities, playmobil toys, or plays with the nativities with their children {or, hey, even by yourself is fine, too. ;-)}

We have bought several nativities from Catholic Child, but this Nativity Play Set With Wisemen by Playmobil is one that catches my eye and I may need to order one after reading what they have to say about it:

The fun begins when your child opens the box and discovers over 50 pieces to bring the Nativity scene to life. Just imagine the gleam in your child’s eye when he or she spies these figures and their delightful accessories that make Playmobil so popular:crowned, gift-bearing wisemen and their tasseled camel, a shepherd and his fleecy flock, a cookpot warming over a fire, kittens curious and cute, Baby Jesus in a hay-filled manger to set near the cardboard stable, and Mary, Joseph and so much more. The Mary figure stands nearly 3″ tall. This well-constructed play set is the kind of toy that children eventually outgrow, but never wear out. Ages 4-10.

So, the real question is – how do you enter to win?


To enter this giveaway, you must do TWO things:

  1. you only need to enter ONCE, but you will receive two entries. you tell me where you want your two entries to go. for example, write which prize you want to enter the drawing for – “one entry for the St. Thérèse bundle and one entry for the Nativity Play Set With Wisemen by Playmobile please!” OR “two entries for the St. Thérèse bundle!!” OR “two entries for the Nativity set!” – THEN you need to…
  2. answer the following question in the combox section of this post: What Advent traditions do you observe/celebrate?
Confuzzled on how to enter? Here’s a couple of sample posts to help you out. I know I appreciate visuals!! 🙂


That’s it!!
One post per person, please.
No entries after 3 p.m. Central Standard Time Monday, December 5, 2011.
Two winners will be selected at random and announced Tuesday morning.*
Good luck, everyone!!
*Be sure to stay tuned to see who wins so that you don’t delay claiming your prize!

46 Replies to “One last rally for Christmas shopping giveaway – HUZZAH!”

  1. two entries for the Nativity set please!!
    I always loved going to church when I was little and watching them light the advent candles–still do…and then the final one on Christmas eve. 🙂

  2. Wow, what an AWESOME giveaway! I’d like two entries for the St. Therese bundle please! Last year we made a family advent calendar together and I’m looking forward to starting that again on December 1st. This year we’re starting the Jesse tree too, and we made an advent wreath together. It’s so much fun with the kiddos!

  3. I’d like 2 entries for the Nativity playset!

    We observe the lighting of the Advent Wreath every Sunday with corresponding prayers.

  4. I’d like two entries toward the St. Thérèse set. I love getting the advent calendars with little chocolates for each day for my children. They sit better and listen when they’re eating chocolate!

  5. I’d like 2 entries for the St. therese set. During advent we enjoy our advent calendar and making advent crafts. We do not decorate for Christmas until a few days prior.

  6. I’d like 2 entries for the Nativity play-set please!

    My favorite Advent tradition is the fact that we decorate with the season of the Church…so right now we have our child-crafted Advent wreath and a few ‘wintry’ items. We call this set of decorations ‘pre-tree’. On the weekend before Christmas, we bring out the tree, nativity sets and other Christmas decor. On Christmas Eve, the Christ child is placed into the manger by one of the many children present.

    Check out my Advent Wreath craft project for families with children here:

  7. I’d like two entries for the Nativity set!

    My kids favorite Advent tradition must be the chocolate from our Trader Joes Advent calendars 🙂

  8. Two entries for the Nativity Play Set With Wisemen by Playmobile please! Thank you!

    We are a homeschooling family and I’m going to do some “light” school work and TONS of Advent activities with the kids. We doing a Jesse tree for the first time. And we have several Advent Wreaths (some need mom’s supervision others are okay to touch 😉

    Thanks again for this give away, Martina!

  9. I’d like two chances at the nativity – I was thinking really hard about buying that one! 😉
    We’re starting a new tradition this year – a Jesse Tree. I’m making the leaves (ornaments) for the tree out of felt. It’s looking really cool so far and I’m excited to add this to our traditions. We’re also going to do our stockings on St. Nicholas day and we wait to put baby Jesus in the manger until Christmas (even the outside nativity!).

  10. Two for the Nativity set, please!

    Our advent traditions are mostly in the St. Nick’s area, but we also do the manger scene with a VERY old Hummel set that belonged to my grandmother. The unwrapping and placing of the figures is almost reverent due to the sentimentality of the set. We really feel it’s Christmas season when the set comes out.

  11. Hi, I would like 2 entries to the Nativity set. We have an advent wreath and book we use as a tradition, as well as the setting up of the Nativity scene, without baby Jesus…..thanks

  12. I would like both entries to go towards the Nativity, we have a special advent book, we read from around our Advent wreath….Thanks !

  13. I’d like 2 entries for the Nativity play-set please!

    Our favorite tradition is lighting the advent wreath every Sunday and also decorating the children’s rooms with things that remind us constantly of Advent

  14. I’d like two entries for the nativity set. We have always celebrated St. Nicholas day on Dec. 6th. I grew up in Switzerland and wanted to continue this tradition with my children. We put chocolate coins, tangerines, and holy things into their stockings. Then they don’t get stockings on the 25th. We also try to do an advent calender, wreath, and Jesse tree. We just started the Jesse tree last year and really liked this tradition.

  15. I’d like 2 entries for the Nativity play-set please!

    We enjoy lighting the candles on our Advent Wreath for meal times. Our Christmas doesn’t begin until the Church season begins. As Father said on Sunday, ‘the world will tell you it’s Christmas. It’s NOT Christmas!’ Happy Advent!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  16. I’d like one entry for St. Therese and one for the Nativity, please!
    We light our Advent wreath each night during Advent and say special Advent prayers instead of our usual night time prayers as a family. We also have an Advent calendar to hang on the wall counting down the days until Christmas, and of course our Nativity set.

  17. I would like two entries for the Nativity set please.

    We always have an advent wreath that we light at dinner time and slowly read through the gospel of Luke chapters one and two. We also had a small activity to keep the thought of doing for others alive for the children when they were little. We had a bread dough Jesus and a manger made out of toothpicks glued and stained with brown magic marker and then we had a little dish with yellow construction paper cut to represent small straws. Each time any of the children did a small kindness or good deed through out advent they could add straw to baby Jesus’ manger to keep him safe and warm. (He was wrapped in tissue paper and waiting for his birthday to be placed in the manger. – youngest child got to unwrap him and put him in.)

  18. I’d like an entry for each prize please. 🙂

    Our favorite advent traditions are lighting our advent wreath candles at dinner each night, and adding an ornament to the felt advent tree wall hanging. We love reading Christmas books too, especially “Room for a Little One.”

  19. Hi – this is my first time to your site & I have to tell you – I love it! Thank you for the great blogs, tips, crafts and this give-away!

    I would like 2 entries for the St. Therese bundle please.

    Our favorite Advent tradition is hard to choose, so I will just say that it is putting out our beautiful Nativity but waiting for baby Jesus until Christmas.

    Thanks again & God bless you Sista’s!

  20. I would like one entry for the nativity and one entry for the St.Therese bundle please!

    Our family traditions are still technically evolving since we are such a new family…But we like to light the advent candles corresponding with the weeks of advent. We need to buy our candles asap because we don’t have any right now! Growing up we would do good deeds and put them on pieces of paper that we put in the manger for baby Jesus to lay on. I plan on continuing this tradition as the kids get older. 🙂

  21. I can’t decide… I like both prizes! One entry for each please. 🙂

    My children’s favorite advent traditions are putting pieces up on the advent calendar and watching Holy Heroes Advent Adventure. 🙂 Mine is making the advent wreath. I dismantle an indoor swag from Home Depot and put all the pieces in a styrofoam ring. It makes a nice centerpiece, and is the one “artsy” thing I can do decently well. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the great giveaways!!!

  22. I would like two entries toward the St. Therese bundle.

    We have several Advent traditions – wreath that we light each evening, Jesse tree, sacrifice manger, and celebrating feast days, especially St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. St. Nick brings the Christmas tree and we decorate the tree and exchange our gifts that day.

  23. two entries for the St. Thérèse bundle!!

    I still feel like a Newbie. We have only started the Advent candle and prayers on each Sunday of Advent. I also put up other Christ centered decorations.

  24. Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway. I’d like one entry for the St. Thérèse bundle and one entry for the Nativity Play Set With Wisemen by Playmobile.

    one of my favorite advent traditions is Lessons and Carols.

  25. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    I would like two entries for the Nativity Play Set.
    We are starting our Jesse Tree this year. I think my favorite activity is to get the creche ready for Jesus. This year my Familia group is going to get their creches blessed by a priest.

  26. 2 entries for the Nativity set! Love it and would put it to good use at home and in my pre-K classroom!
    Our advent traditions are setting up our fragile nativity scene up high in our living room and the advent wreath in the middle of our kitchen table. This happens the first Sunday of Advent, before tree comes into our home. Each night, before dinner we light the candle(s) and add an Advent prayer to our Prayer
    Before Meals.

  27. I’d like for two entries to go towards the Nativity Set, please!

    I don’t like to do anything Christmas-related until Advent officially starts. I actually feel that doing things too soon cheapens the anticipation and importance of Advent. I am blessed to live near the Our Lady of the Snows Shrine and my family and I visit every year during Advent to see the Way of Lights and enjoy the other activities at the Shrine. Their gift shop is amazing! If anyone is ever near St. Louis, you really should stop and check it out! (It’s in Belleville, IL, and the Belleville Cathedral is another lovely place to visit.)

  28. What an awesome giveaway!
    Please put my two entries toward the St. Therese bundle. I love that little doll!!!!

    My kids are small, and we are forming our Advent family traditions. One that we do that the kids love so much is lighting our Advent wreath each night before dinner, saying a prayer, and talking about Advent and its meaning.

    Thanks so much!

  29. Two entries for the Nativity please!

    We typically light the candles on the Advent wreath for at least our nightly meal. The past 2 years, my mom has crafted Advent wreaths with the kids that we use.

  30. I’d like 2 entries for the Nativity set, please.

    The past 2 years our Advent tradition has been to build and use the child-made (with a LOT of adult supervision and assistance) Advent wreath for our nightly meals.

  31. I’d love two entries for the nativity please :).

    We’re just starting to establish Advent traditions now that our kids are getting a bit older. So far our favorite has been baking Advent wreath calzones (calzones made with green dyed dough, shaped in a circle with 3 purple and 1 pink breadstick sticking up). This year we’re going all out for the feast of St. Nicholas and are super excited for it as well.

  32. I’d like one entry for the St. Thérèse bundle and one entry for the Nativity Play Set With Wisemen by Playmobile please :)Thanks for the opportunity and for such a wonderful blog!

    I’m a Catholic convert so I didn’t grow up with advent traditions per se.

    During the Christmas season we always used to attend the Moravian Love Feast to celebrate Christmas Eve. I always loved the Moravian love feast buns, the candles and the hymns.

    Our church also had a live Nativity scene for several days before Christmas on the church lawn with different children posing as angels, wise men, shepherds, Mary, Joseph, etc. We had to be very still while our pastor’s broadcast of the Bible was going on. One year we even had live sheep and I got to be Mary! People would come from miles around to drive by and see our Nativity scene.

    The Church choir would also sing Handel’s Messiah (the whole thing, not just the Hallelujah Chorus!) the Sunday before Christmas. We had a sister Church and celebrated Handel’s Messiah at our church and the sister Church on alternating years. Then our Choir would reprise the Hallelujah Chorus during the Christmas Day church service. I always used to enjoy these traditions with my parents and siblings.

  33. I’d like 2 for the nativity please. 🙂
    My personal favorite activity that we do with another family during advent is our “Obviously Homemade Puppet Theater” production of St. Nicholas explains….the kids painted a large piece of cardboard YEARS ago and made sock puppets of St. Nick and Black Peter and tell the story ad lib about how the Santa Claus story is really about him. How Christmas is about preparing for Jesus and doing what he would want of us like generously giving and taking care of others etc. The kids love it and we share St Nick cookies afterwards with hot chocolate, that the kids havve made too!

  34. Hello!

    I would like two entries for the Nativity please!

    Our favorite Advent tradition is putting up the Jesse tree and the Christmas tree with the babyless nativity on the fireplace mantle(until Christmas morning of course). We love praying and singing religious songs as we go!

  35. I would like two entries for the nativity set. As far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as too many nativity sets!

    My favorite advent tradition is the empty creche under the tree that the kids fill with pieces of straw for good deeds and sacrifices. They are so motivated to be well behaved and go out of their way to do good things – all for baby Jesus. It is so sweet to see how excited they get when baby Jesus appears in the bed they have made on Christmas morning.

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