Of Note–June 2020

Let’s face it, we are all busy, modern women and we just don’t have the time or the energy to vet or read everything the Catholic blogosphere has to offer. We have streamlined that for you and offer you the most worthy, relevant reads that will keep you informed and in-tune without wasting your precious time. Each month, on the first Friday, you can find Of Note filled with posts that are inspiring, knowledgeable, cover current events, and liturgical living.

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I struggled with motivation all of May. Current events have likely oppressed many of us. I was so glad to see a new month–especially June. My husband and I will celebrate our 29th anniversary and we have several birthdays in June. June is also devoted to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. It’s one of my favorite devotions. I don’t know about you, but I think the world needs a whole lot of mercy that can only come from the Divine Heart of Jesus. That being said, let’s dig into this month’s Of Note.

Liturgical Living

Many of us are still living quarantined lives and many summer activities have sadly been cancelled. Lacey has a wonderful idea for holding Vacation Bible School in your own backyard.

Speaking of the Sacred Heart, we will celebrate the Feast dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus on June 19th. Why not make these simple and lovely cupcakes from Catholic Cuisine as part of your celebration?

Continuing with the Sacred Heart theme, Epic Pew has 4 ways you can celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus in June.

One manner in which we can shut out the noise of the world is by spending more time in prayer. Writing for Catholic Mom Vibes, Gessica gently walks readers through her method of mental prayer.

Hidden Gems

My beautiful friend wrote this piece about the first time her family was able to attend Mass since the quarantine.

Ginny of Not so Formulaic gives some really valuable advice for parenting during crises.

I’ve a feeling many more families will be choosing to homeschool next year. Leila Marie Lawler writes one of the most lovely Catholic blogs on the web and is a veteran homeschooler. If you are mulling the idea, check out her recent post and peruse the rest of her beautiful blog.

The Professionals

I love this article by Philip Kosloski because I absolutely love incense. He claims incense can reduce airborne disease. If that is true, bring it on! Fill our churches with smoke and prayer!

We’ve all experienced broken relationships at one point or another. Jeannie Ewing has some really lovely advice on how we can begin healing our wounded relationships.

My heart has broken many times upon hearing of people dying alone due to the restrictions put in place as precautions for the corona virus. In response to this very real tragedy, Susan Klemond writes about the importance of accompanying our loved ones as they die.

From the Archives

Recent events have often made social media a very toxic and difficult place to be. A little more than a year ago I wrote a piece for Catholic Sistas giving practical guidance on appropriate social media interactions for Catholics.

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