Of Note-August 2019


Welcome to Of Note – A Collection of Orthodox Catholic Reading, a series dedicated to sharing great orthodox Catholic content around the inter webs!

Let’s face it, we are all busy, modern women and we just don’t have the time or the energy to vet or read everything the Catholic blogosphere has to offer. We have streamlined that for you and offer you the most worthy, relevant reads that will keep you informed and in-tune without wasting your precious time. Each month, on the first Friday, you can find Of Note filled with posts that are inspiring, knowledgeable, cover current events, and liturgical living.

We are continually looking for new and lesser known bloggers to feature here on Of Note. If you write a blog or know of one we should take a look at leave a link in the combox or email me at: OfNote@CatholicSistas.com

I don’t know about you, but I cannot believe summer is nearly over! Thankfully we have a couple summer trips coming up in August before I need to even think about another school year. Let’s avoid thinking about school altogether and take a look at what is happening in the world of Catholic blogging.

Liturgical Living

Ginny of Not So Formulaic has some fantastic advice for building your Domestic Church.

Building on the theme of the Domestic Church, Julia of Purple Civet has this to say about catechesis in the home. Be sure to sign up for her weekly resources for teaching the week’s gospel reading to your littles.

Lacey of Catholic Icing has another great drawing tutorial (Saint Kateri) and a free coloring page.

August 15th is the Feast of the Assumption and I dug through the archives of  several blogs to find appropriate and simple recipes to celebrate the feast. Here is a refreshing Aqua Fresca recipe from My Catholic Kitchen, and a lovely recipe for Lemon-Lavender Cookies from Catholic Cuisine.


Hidden Gems

I love a good miracle story and this sweet gem from The Not-So-Perfect Catholic is perfection.

Carissa from The Myth Retold lists 7 excellent strategies to shake up your prayer life.

Writing on her blog, The Bleeding Pelican, Ellie explains why the well-meant platitude, “Everything happens for a reason” is actually false and not a comfort at all.

With two up-coming camping trips in August, I was thrilled to find this post with 5 printable campfire recipes from Sarah of Wild Things Adventure.


The Professionals

Just days ago I realized the author of this gorgeous piece on One Peter Five attends my home parish in Utah. Read Meghan’s reflection on Mary Magdalen. You won’t be disappointed.

Published on Aleteia, John Martignoni reminds us why Catholics confess their sins to a priest rather than directly to God.

It seems there is so much dividing Catholics today, Anthony Esolen enumerates several core beliefs which unite us in his piece for The Catholic Thing.

Later this month I hope to have my own piece dedicated to Marian Pilgrimages here on the blog. This article by Father Dwight Longenecker encouraging Catholics to make pilgrimages as they are able really resonated with me.


From the Archives

From 2014, Ink Slinger Kerri Baunach reflects on the comfort she found in the Church’s understanding of Mary’s Glorious Assumption into Heaven.

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