I have a say…Cecile Richards does NOT speak for me. Here comes the Catholic Church!

On Thursday, I shared a great video response by Father John Holowell to Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood and advisor to Obama on the HHS mandate.

I not only shared it, I added a “few” of my own thoughts to it. The more I chatted with friends about this ridiculous campaign by the largest abortion provider in the nation, the more evident it became that we needed to do something. Then someone suggested we do our own campaign.

Oh, and guess what? We don’t just want to hear from women…there are many men out there who love women for who they are – who agree with other women who do not bow before the contraception god. After listening to Cecile Richards’ sexist comments about men, I have to admit it aggravated me. I don’t like divisiveness, I don’t like to see men vilified, and I certainly don’t like to be made into a puppet for Planned Parenthood simply because I’m a woman.

How to participate: It’s simple and it’ll take a literal minute to do, start to finish {if you have a modem, I can’t vouch for the literal minute 😉 }

Birgit of Designs by Birgit and a contributing Sista is helping us collect your snaps for a video montage we will create with all the photos we receive.

  1. Write “I have a say…Cecile Richards does not speak for me. Here comes the Catholic Church!” on a blank piece of paper. Be creative with this by printing it up {here is a pre-made sign to print up and use}, using a sticky note or have your kids use crayons and glue and pipe cleaners! – I’ll show some examples at the end
  2. Pose with your picture*. It can be just you, with your spouse, your kiddos. No need to get fancy – just a quick snap using your camera phone is all good.
  3. Send Birgit your pic at designsbybirgit{{at}}me{{dot}}com and that’s it!

TIP: If you’d like to do several photos at once, consider taking the sign with you and have different friends hold the sign.

*By submitting your picture, you understand and agree that these images are going to be collected and used for a video. Further, you release Catholic Sistas {and Birgit of Designs by Birgit} from liability for any violation of any personal or proprietary right you may have in connection with such use.

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