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I Have a Say: Woman’s Bill of Rights

When the HHS mandate came out, I got mad. Then came Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood claiming they spoke for all women. Well, I have a say. I say we need a Woman’s Bill of Rights. Here’s my version. Feel free to add to it in the comments!

Woman’s Bill of Rights


I have the right to worship God, go to church and live my faith, without persecution.

I have the right to pass on my faith to my children without the government telling me I can’t.

I have the right to defend my family, with words or actions, without fear of reprisal.

I have the right to teach my children right from wrong.

I have the right to disagree with someone on lifestyle, politics or religion without being verbally assaulted.

I have the right to breastfeed my baby because it’s the best thing for him/her.

I have the right to pump milk at work without fear of being fired because it’s what’s best for my family.

I have the right to stay home and care for my husband and kids without being called lazy or less of a woman.

I have the right to educate my children the best way I know how; be it homeschool, private school, or public school.

I have the right to be educated, and be a mother, without being forced to choose one over the other.

I have the right to have life in my womb, without being told that motherhood makes me less of a woman.

I have the right to pray in public without being shouted at.

I have the right to say God in the pledge of allegiance.

I have the right to have as many, or as few, children as I want without comments from strangers. It’s my body and my choice after all.

I have the right to say where my hard-earned tax money goes.

I have the right to work for what I have and to keep it.

I have the right to refuse what the government thinks is best for me and my family.

I have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, without the government telling me that I don’t know what I’m doing.

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VIDEO: Cecile Richards does NOT speak for me….

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!

This past week has been CRAZY with buzz over Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, asking women to submit videos of themselves to show support of the HHS Mandate. That is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to the HHS Mandate, The Catholic Church, and the Freedom of Religion. Even teenagers are joining in taking a stand!

On Thursday Catholic Sistas posted this blog post, and then on Saturday we posted this one asking for people to send in their pictures so that we could make a video to send a message to Cecile Richards that she does not speak for us. After a lot of work and help from other bloggers here is the video. You can go to the blogs that have helped us: A Catholic Life, Designs by Birgit, and The Ramblings of a Crazy Face. (the last one is my personal blog. Yeah I plugged it.) And you can see Father Holowell’s video, where the phrase “Here comes the Catholic Church” originated. If I forgot anyone, I’m sorry. We had a lot of help!

Now comes the moment you’ve been waiting for: The Catholic Sistas  “I have a Say” video!! Please feel free to keep sending us your pictures and we will add them to the blog or consider making another video if enough pictures flood in.

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I have a say campaign Testimonials

I have a say…Cecile Richards does NOT speak for me. Here comes the Catholic Church!

On Thursday, I shared a great video response by Father John Holowell to Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood and advisor to Obama on the HHS mandate.

I not only shared it, I added a “few” of my own thoughts to it. The more I chatted with friends about this ridiculous campaign by the largest abortion provider in the nation, the more evident it became that we needed to do something. Then someone suggested we do our own campaign.

Oh, and guess what? We don’t just want to hear from women…there are many men out there who love women for who they are – who agree with other women who do not bow before the contraception god. After listening to Cecile Richards’ sexist comments about men, I have to admit it aggravated me. I don’t like divisiveness, I don’t like to see men vilified, and I certainly don’t like to be made into a puppet for Planned Parenthood simply because I’m a woman.

How to participate: It’s simple and it’ll take a literal minute to do, start to finish {if you have a modem, I can’t vouch for the literal minute 😉 }

Birgit of Designs by Birgit and a contributing Sista is helping us collect your snaps for a video montage we will create with all the photos we receive.

  1. Write “I have a say…Cecile Richards does not speak for me. Here comes the Catholic Church!” on a blank piece of paper. Be creative with this by printing it up {here is a pre-made sign to print up and use}, using a sticky note or have your kids use crayons and glue and pipe cleaners! – I’ll show some examples at the end
  2. Pose with your picture*. It can be just you, with your spouse, your kiddos. No need to get fancy – just a quick snap using your camera phone is all good.
  3. Send Birgit your pic at designsbybirgit{{at}}me{{dot}}com and that’s it!

TIP: If you’d like to do several photos at once, consider taking the sign with you and have different friends hold the sign.

*By submitting your picture, you understand and agree that these images are going to be collected and used for a video. Further, you release Catholic Sistas {and Birgit of Designs by Birgit} from liability for any violation of any personal or proprietary right you may have in connection with such use.

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Father John Holowell to Cecile Richards “Here comes the Catholic Church”

Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood president, recently asked women to submit videos to PP with the tag line “I have a say.” However, Father Holowell takes the opportunity to send out his own video with sharp words towards both Richards and the most infamous abortion mill around.

If I may add some of my own thoughts first, I am saddened to hear Richards’ attempt to speak for women, as though we are dominated by men in a society that seeks to keep our reproductive rights from being ours {as if we own our bodies to begin with}. The truth is, if Richards actually spoke to women who know how their bodies work, love how nature/God/biology* has made their body, and work with their body to plan family size rather than relying on the statistical gambling that is called birth control, she would see that most educated women actually understand the harmful effects of birth control. Further, we also see very clearly that birth control is what truly oppresses women. Men created birth control…to objectify women, to tell them how their bodies should and should not work, to ultimately objectify the sexual act. It is no surprise that it is all hidden under the guise of women being “free” or “liberated” as a result of popping pills or sticking things in their bodies. Let me repeat: there is nothing about birth control that screams “freedom” or “liberation.” I’ve got news for women like Cecile who want to truly oppress women. Those of us who know how our bodies work see birth control for what it is. Control. Over women. Control that truly denigrates us as women. We are smarter than this and should not fall for the lies that PP and other pro-contraception folks want us to believe. What disturbs me further is that Cecile paints birth control as “healthcare.”

One simple question I’d like to pose to Cecile: Exactly what does birth control heal?

It truly disgusts me that this comes down to promotion of self over the good of others. We have allowed society to paint women as us vs. them. Sorry, but I’m not offended by a group of men simply because they are men. If a group of people are acting in the best interest of women {and I know of many, many men who love women more than we love ourselves} then disregarding their opinion or conclusion based on sex is…sexist.

One last thing that chaps my hide before I let you listen to the good Father’s own words for Cecile. Why are we talking about birth control as though it is some hidden drug that is hard to find and no one has access to? We all know Planned Parenthood throws contraception around like candy – it is almost a point of pride for them, second to abortions {which they also tout as contraception -RU486, anyone?}, that they distribute contraception for the masses {directed at minorities such as myself, which deeply offends me}. So, proponents of the HHS mandate such as Richards are either saying that Planned Parenthood is doing a terrible job of passing out contraception or that you can’t get it at any old place {such as the grocery store, drug store, gas station, elementary schools – don’t get me started on that one}.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t convince women who are truly empowered with the knowledge of how their bodies work that popping pills or sticking drug-filled devices in our bodies or even throwing away condoms {um, is that very green??} is good for us or our environment. You can’t convince us that the general public can’t find contraception without this mandate.

As a fellow Texan who actually photographed her momma when she was governor of our great state, I am deeply offended, saddened, and want to issue my own personal challenge to Cecile, who is past child-bearing age to consider my thoughts on this. She doesn’t speak for me. I am a child-bearing woman who understands exactly what my body was designed for…and I love and believe in a faith that teaches that I am made to be good and do good. Not succumb to what society thinks is “good” for me. No thanks, Cecile. You can’t sell me something I know is poison for my body.

No, Cecile, you don’t speak for me.

Does she speak for you?

*I am in no way dismissing what the Church teaches or denying that God is the ultimate Creator, but rather uniting a common belief that contraception is not just wrong, but bad for our health with non-Catholics who share this same view and do not use contraception for non-religious reasons.