How to Win at New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy New Year!  May God bless you abundantly in 2012!

So, you know I have to ask… did you make any new year’s resolutions this year?  I’m sure for most of us we start to think of what we may want to change in the upcoming year and how we should go about doing that.  Maybe you started thinking a few months ago.  Maybe you just started today.  Maybe you don’t want to make any new year’s resolutions for fear of not being able to keep them.  Fear not, for I have a solution for you!

There have been many years that I have made resolutions only to find that mid-January I’ve already failed at those goals.   Maybe I might make it through January but crash and burn in the following months.  Rarely has there been a year where I have stuck through and accomplished everything I set out to accomplish.  Oh how I feel like a failure when that happens!  There are times that I do follow through on small goals and I feel good about those, but most years I abandon the resolutions pretty quickly.  This year I don’t want to do that.  I want to follow through and I want to feel good about the fact that I have accomplished those goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year.  I have figured out a way to make this happen.  Reverse psychology is where it’s at!

This year my new year’s resolutions are the following:

  • Eat as much chocolate as I possibly can.
  • Not lose a single pound of weight.
  • Go to bed super late and get up super late.
  • Let my house be as messy as possible.
  • Spend less time together as a family.
  • Not incorporate the rosary into our family prayers a couple times a week.
  • Not read more of the “classics”.
  • I definitely don’t want to start journaling every day again.

I figure that I can stick to these goals pretty easily!  If I don’t then really I end up ahead!  I keep scratching my head wondering why I didn’t come up with this genius plan years ago.  Imagine all the goals I could have kept and how great I would have felt about myself!  This is my year though… I’m certain of it!

I’m setting the bar low this year knowing that when I do go above those goals I’ve set that I’m immediately winning and if I don’t then I’ve lost nothing.  Reverse psychology at its best for sure!  Of course I know that deep in my heart I truly want to accomplish the opposite of these goals but I figure there are times when I know that I put too much pressure on myself to achieve things that might not be attainable.  I’m tired of feeling like I fail myself time and time again at the New Year.  I have always worked best when someone else says, “I know you can’t do this!”  I’m stubborn like that.  I like to prove people wrong and say, “Look, I can do this!”  I just need to be showing myself that I have more strength than I believe me to have.

So, reverse psychology is where it’s at this year for me.  Of course I know I’m using reverse psychology on myself so you think it may not work, but I know me, and I’m stubborn and I know it will work.  I just wish I had thought of it sooner.

What are your New Year resolutions and can I suggest using reverse psychology to reach them this year?

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