Hangin’ with the original Catholic Sistas

Sometimes ya just gotta get creative to catch all the sisters in a photo!

If you’ve ever read Jen Fulwiler’s Conversion Diary, then you probably already have the scoop on the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. Why? Because Jen is infinitely MORE on top of how this blogging-in-a-timely-manner thing works than I am.


I wanted to share my experience with the original “Sistas.” I messaged back and forth with Sister Elizabeth Ann last week…first because of the new blog and wanting her opinion and thoughts on the blog {and a selfish request for her to consider blogging for the Sistas} and then second because she invited me to their Welcome Back barbecue. Sister loved the idea of guest blogging! If you haven’t heard of the Dominican Sisters or the success of their relatively new order, I urge you to watch the videos of them on Oprah to see why I am so excited about these wonderful ladies.

I'm not sure what Sister was talking about, but it looked too good to leave out!

God didn’t bless me with an abundance of treasure, so what I lack in that department, I do my best to make up with my time and my talent. I thoroughly enjoy taking time to tell others about the wonderful work being done in the Church. I offer up my children for good causes if I can, too. My oldest had the opportunity to help volunteer for a couple of hours with the Sisters for their first annual charity golf tournament and auction and benefit dinner and through that, I had the opportunity to meet Mother Assumpta that day! Nerd that I am, bragged to EVERYONE I could about it. But in a lot of cases, I had to explain who Mother Assumpta was! Oh well, it gave me the opportunity to talk in depth about the Dominican Sisters and their great work.

If you are blessed to be in the Central Texas area, you know that we are in the midst of a LOT of God’s good work. While it pains me as a UT Longhorn grad that A&M is churning out vocations, I am very pleased that a lot of good is coming out of our area. According to Sister Elizabeth Ann, the Dominican Sisters are about to close on property to start building the new priory.

Before the close of the barbecue, everyone was invited into the living room to listen to the sisters sing for us. If you look closely, you may see someone you recognize.


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