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The Official 2014 Catholic Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway!

It’s ALMOST the most wonderful time of the year – even though Christmas trees are up and Christmas music is playing everywhere, we still have 11 days before Advent begins! And Christmas shopping is on the brain. Last year we did a 2013 Handy Dandy Guide to Catholic Christmas Shopping; since “Jesus is the Reason”, we decided to focus on Catholic-themed gifts that are fun to give and receive, and found 60 of our absolute favorite Catholic items to give for Christmas. This year, we’ve done one better – we found some new favorites, PLUS, we thought a little Christmas gift giveaway might be fun! A “little” giveaway spiraled into 29 prizes from our favorite Catholic companies and authors, including TAN, Ignatius Press, Holy Heroes, CCC, Wee Believers and more. We are SO excited about this! Below are our gift picks, and the giveaway items are listed directly beneath that. Enter through the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom. 🙂

(The companies and authors who have donated these prizes are not sponsors of Catholic Sistas, since we do not take sponsorships at this time, nor are we sponsors of them. They have simply teamed up with us to offer their goods in the giveaway we are hosting!)

We bring you… The Official 2014 Catholic Christmas Gift Guide.


Something for your Home
Picture 198

1. Our Lady Undoer of Knots (or 1 of 500 other religious art prints to choose from) – Portraits of Saints

2. Clever Wooden Plaque – Soul Supply & Hardware

3. St. John Paul II Art Print – Tree of Heaven

4. “A Child is Born” Candle – Catholic Company

5. Nativity Set – Catholic Company

6. Feast!: Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian Year


Something for the Bibliophile

Picture 200

1. Catholic Literary Giants: A Field Guide to the Catholic Literary Landscape

2. Treason: A Catholic Novel of Elizabethan England

3. The Little Oratory: A Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home

4. Through the Year with Pope Francis: Daily Reflections

5. Not God’s Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms

6. Our Lady of Kibeho: Mary Speaks to the World from the Heart of Africa

7. Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves

8. Journal of a Soul: The Autobiography of Pope John XXIII

9.Yes, God!: What Ordinary Families Can Learn about Parenting from Today’s Vocation Stories

10. Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus

11. Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It


Something for the Littles

Picture 199

1. Joseph’s Helper Tool Set & Work Apron

2. St. Therese of Lisieux Charm Clip – Shining Light Dolls

3. Can You Find Saints?: Introducing Your Child to Holy Men and Women

4. Lolek – The Boy Who Became Pope John Paul II

5. Advent Adventure Activity Book – Holy Heroes*

6. Carmelite Habit for 18″ doll – The Little Habit

7. My Mass Kit by Wee Believers

8. Mother Mary Pray For Us Baby Rattle Plush Toy with FREE Children’s Rosary® Glorious Mysteries CD and FREE SHIPPING


Check out last year’s guide for many more ideas, including apparel, CDs/DVDs, and Catholic food items – a treasure trove of great items!


And NOW – for our Christmas Gift Giveaway!!


We have 29 FABULOUS prizes that Catholic companies and authors have donated for this giveaway. We are proud to recommend each of these items as fabulous Christmas gifts, as well.


1 Catholic Through the Year Planner


giveaway03- $30 gift cards to CCC of America


giveaway4Trust: In Saint Faustina’s Footsteps

This is a story about Saint Faustina – the greatest Christian mystic of the twentieth century – and her devotion to the Divine Mercy, which has become the fastest spreading religious devotion in the world.
This lavishly illustrated book is essentially a love story about God’s immense love for his people and the reciprocation of this love by the humble Polish nun declared a saint by Pope John Paul II.


giveaway5Iota: A Novel

Iota is a poignant drama about what men believe and how they might act accordingly. The story takes place during a two-month period immediately following World War II, in a temporary Soviet detention facility near a devastated Berlin. It is a mystery-suspense story about what it means to be human and whether it is possible to retain one’s humanity in the face of evil.

giveaway1 1 Lil Prayer Buddy – Louie the Christmas Lamb plush (limited edition) (10″)

giveaway2 1 Lil’ Prayer Buddy – Liam the Lion from Wee Believers

1 Bearing the Bear Temporary Tattoo Kit
from Wee Believers

1 St. Francis of Assisi Prayer Pillowcase
from Prayer Pillowcases


1 St. Joan of Arc Prayer Pillowcase
from Prayer Pillowcases

giveaway71 St. Michael Prayer Pillowcase
from Prayer Pillowcases

giveaway81 St. Kateri Prayer Pillowcase from Prayer Pillowcases

giveaway61 Infant Jesus in Manger from Catholic Child

giveawayveil1 $50 Gift Certificate to Veils by Lily



2 sets Treasure Box Book Sets from TAN

giveaway141 Love With All My Might
by Jenny Ryan
A children’s book that communicates the beauty and culture of the Catholic faith to your children, Love With All My Might tells the story of a growing family through the eyes of a little girl and her evening prayers. Through beautiful illustrations and gentle rhythmic words, a Catholic culture of love and prayer is communicated to the readers. From adoring our Lord in the Eucharist to being tucked in at night, your child will recognize these familiar moments and will want to read this book again and again.

giveaway16 3 Glory Stories + Life of Jesus Coloring Book Bundle from Holy Heroes

giveawayangela2 Angela’s Song
by AnnMarie Creedon
Angela ‘Jel’ Cooke is a widow and mother of three who stays busy so as not to have to face the fact that her marriage was damaged and her husband, Devin, died before it could be repaired. Her good friends realize that no amount of home made lasagna, volunteering at church or late night games of Yahtzee can heal Angela from past regrets. When she meets Jack, the teacher of a class she is taking, he challenges her to face her demons. What follows is the poignant, yet often hilarious saga of how Angela overcomes her guilt and learns to love herself and others.

giveawaysubtle1 A Subtle Grace (O’Donovan Family)
by Ellen Gable
1896, Philadelphia In this sequel to “In Name Only” (2009, FQP), “A Subtle Grace” continues the story of the wealthy and unconventional O’Donovan Family as they approach the dawn of a new century.

giveawayjenny1 Stealing Jenny
by Ellen Gable
After three heartbreaking miscarriages, Tom and Jenny Callahan are happily anticipating the birth of their sixth child. A neighbor, however, is secretly hatching a sinister plot which will find Jenny and her unborn baby fighting for their lives.

1 Set of Your Holy Family T-Shirts for EVERYONE in Your (Immediate) Family – Your Holy Family Ministries
A matching set of T-shirts from Your Holy Family Ministries that will help you show family unity and spread the good news about God’s plan for family life without saying a word.

1 Advent Journey with Mary and Joseph
by Christi Gareis
The book is supported by a website where coloring pages are available for children to enjoy as well as instructions about how to create your own advent journey with Mary and Joseph. The whimsical illustrations found within the book, along with the colouring pages, are the creation of the young artist Teresa Tomas. This book is a great resource that can be used during the Advent season and has been written in a manner that a family can spread reading the book out through all of Advent, or read it in just the last week or two before Christmas.


1 $40 Gift Certificate for Catholic Printables PDF Downloads from Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families


book9Yes, God!: What Ordinary Families Can Learn about Parenting from Today’s Vocation Stories
– Susie Lloyd
In a culture that is often dark and discouraging, where can parents look for help in raising their children? Here are the heartwarming stories of five priests, five nuns, and the parents who raised them to be open to God’s call. In Yes, God! What Ordinary Families Can Learn About Parenting from Today’s Vocation Stories, Lloyd relates some of their joys and setbacks, reveals their guiding principles and rallying cries, and passes along tips from the “master” parents. The mother of seven, Lloyd also shares some of her own (often-humorous) parenting tales, and helps readers understand the various dynamics of Catholic family life and the diverse factors that influence a child’s decision to say “yes” to God.

Winners will be drawn randomly using Rafflecopter. CS will email the winners. Once they confirm they will be publicly announced on the blog. 
Winner is responsible for contacting the sponsor of the prize they won in order to work out details of delivery.
Eligibility: Prizes are available to residents of the U.S.A. only.
Catholic Sistas reserves the right to alter the giveaway terms or items at any time.
This giveaway is not associated with Facebook.
Catholic Sistas does not take sponsorships at this time; the companies who have donated these items are NOT sponsors of CS. They have generously agreed to include their items in a giveaway that CS is hosting, and occasionally provides CS with items to review; that is the only affiliation between the companies and the blog.

Thank you so much for reading; this blog wouldn’t exist without YOU! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

7 Quick Takes Ink Slingers Kerri Our Favorite Things

7 Quick Takes Friday, No. 22: New Year’s Resolutions


Each year we resolve to be more than we were the year before. Or, sometimes we did a good job the year before and we want to build upon our good habits. Either way, the New Year is always an opportunity to embrace change and adopt new habits that foster our relationship with Christ. To start the first Friday of the year off right, we asked our Ink Slingers to share some of their New Year’s resolutions.


At Confession a few weeks ago, Father told me to stop trying to be patient, but instead I should strive for understanding and then patience would follow. So my resolution is to be understanding and confession at least once per month as a family. ~ Charla


 Start going to Thursday night (Latin) Mass. ~ Hannah


Keeping the First Friday devotion. ~ Birgit


Two novenas per month for our family, one on the theme for the month the other a major feast of Christ or Our Blessed Mother. Going to Confession every other week. Doing an examination of conscience with the children at night during prayer at least once a week. Reading more spiritual books…less time online. And get up before the children to do morning prayers.~ Alessandra


Begin every day with prayer, even if it’s a quickie one-liner on hurried days! ~ Mary S.


My goal for this year is to work on decluttering my life and becoming detached from “things.” ~ Mary P.


 I am resolving to live my life more humbly. ~ Michelle

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions you’d like to share with us? Tell us in the comments below! For more Quick Takes posts, check out Conversion Diary.

CS in the media Ink Slingers Martina Reviews

Minor Revisions Reaches Final Revision

**UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom to see the episode embed on YouTube**


Wow. What an ending! Ending to what? The ending to the first reality show by Minor Revisions featuring friend of mine and Catholic Sistas, Jen Fulwiler from Conversion Diary. The first two episodes {view parts one and two here} featured in December and then the final installment aired last night to bring a snapshot of Jen’s life to a close.

The scary part is you almost didn’t get this review from me. Why? What could be more important than watching the third episode of this wonderful new reality show? I’ll be honest. It slipped my mind. Thursday night is our parish Adult Faith Formation {AFF} night – a night when our parish campus is abuzz with all kinds of adults wandering around to the Jesus is Lord class and the many electives we offer. I love the atmosphere of those evenings. As a facilitator for the program, I’m responsible for being there each Thursday and it’s an apostolate I take very seriously.

I also take friendships seriously. And when I committed to writing a review for this show, I had both Jen and Noe in mind. I first met Noe when he first came on board to our parish almost seven years ago. I nearly helped Noe with the RCIA class that Jen and Joe attended. I came to one session and then succumbed to first trimester mack-truck fatigue.



The show highlighted one of the people I think I can safely say that Jen and I both love and admire, Noe Rocha. Before I continue, I feel like I should clarify a couple of things, lest it look like I am putting him on a pedestal. The man shines for Christ – all that he does in his ministries and apostolates are to allow Christ to shine through him. I have not once ever seen or heard him take credit for his talent – he knows it all belongs to God and is loaned to him as a gift to use to bring others to know Christ. His humble nature and warm hugs are what fuel me in my own mission for Catholic Sistas.

So, back to the talk between Jen and Noe in the Sacred Heart chapel. Noe shares one of his most inspirational stories – his conversion story. A former heroin addict and dealer, I have heard this story many times over the years and it never ceases to amaze me. Among his many gifts, story telling is without a doubt his strongest talent. Though I have heard him tell this story many times over the years, I never cease to be amazed by the raw emotion he the Holy Spirit infuses into the story. If you were moved by his story, and I challenge anyone who watched it to not be moved, you start to understand more behind my personal mission with Catholic Sistas. Each time I see Noe, I leave feeling challenged in the Faith – what did I learn, what did I take away from our conversation, what might God being trying to tell me through one of His humble vessels?

I plan on writing more another time, specifically about the influence Noe and our AFF program has had on the CS mission, but let me leave you with this. This was not just a show about someone I call friend – this was a wonderful snapshot of our parish, our community, our Catholic faith in action. Short of being in the video myself, I could not have envisioned myself more enmeshed in this project. I am right with Jen in the pride of this show and I hope that you will share it!

So, please tell us, what did you think of the series?

Conversion Current Events Evangelization Faith Formation Ink Slingers Martina

New Show Minor Revisions Makes Major Splash among Conversion Diary Fans

**UPDATE: Thanks to an update from Brandon Vogt, the entire first episode is now available on YouTube for viewing OR scroll to the bottom to watch an embed of the show!**

After watching friend Jen Fulwiler of Conversion Diary debut on Minor Revisions and all I can say is WOW. Way to break the Interwebz, Jen!

All social media connected Catholics gathered around the Twitter and Facebook water coolers in anticipation of the launch of this new show only to discover NET NY’s server was on the verge of a complete and utter melt down. The show, which was slated to start live on NET NY’s online broadcast at 7 p.m. CST, was choppy when I first loaded up the website – then it crashed. Just. Crashed. And I thought to myself, yup, this is about right. My router would choose now to malfunction. But as I checked my Twitter app on my phone, I suddenly realized that it was across the nation and even some friends watching in Mexico were having trouble watching. It would be about 7:15 before NET NY’s server could be brought back to life. The entire viewing for me was choppy, but I was just dang happy to be able to watch it and it was a real lesson in patience.

The premiere episode was foundational for the upcoming shows. Jen talked about her childhood and the effect her relationship with her dad had on her belief in atheism. I met Dad Bishop very briefly last year at the Dominican Sisters’ welcome back barbecue and he seemed awfully sweet. His love for Jen is apparent – I think that was highlighted at the end of the show this evening when he said some Christians choose to believe in God “just in case” and went on to say that Jen is in this 100%. I love that the differences in belief system has served to bond them in new ways. He is quite the dad!

Because I could quite literally be here for hours talking about the show, I want to bullet point my favorite parts and get you pumped for next week’s episode. The first episode covered:

  • her childhood and the root of her belief in atheism
  • her awesome dad
  • what a dragon and My Little Pony have in common
  • how love pierced her heart and challenged her atheistic materialistic worldview
  • Joe’s spreadsheet of area churches in a quest to find one that suited them at the beginning of their pursuit of religious knowledge {or, gray haired vs. snooty churches}
  • scorpions
  • embarrassing man screams
  • flying stinging insects
  • super cool coffee houses on Lake Austin
  • haters from YouTube WHO USE ALL CAPS
  • a poignant reflection by Jen after receiving an e-mail from her editor regarding book edits
  • a brief scorpumentary involving various killing products
  • scorpion reflections
  • insect reaction evaluation
  • YaYa is from East Texas {this is especially exciting to me because I grew up in East Texas – thems rare folk}
  • the Fulwilers are expecting!


I was especially excited to do a review of this show because it wasn’t just about someone I know personally but the people seen in the first episode and in upcoming episodes are also friends as well…right down to the amazing Paul Escandon who filmed it. My oldest daughter also was fortunate enough to help out with the first day of shooting – all of the interview scenes of Jen in front of the fireplace were taken the day she was there and her name appears in the end credits. She watched the show with us, telling us what was going on behind the scenes. It was the typical, subdued teenager excitement – but I still have my teenage verbiage decoder ring – it was clear she was stoked to be a part of such an awesome project. In the next two episodes, you will see people who have had a spiritual influence on Jen’s life as well as my own. She will be talking with our beloved Father Jonathan and Noe Rocha, our Adult Faith Formation director. You will not be disappointed and you will see why both Jen and I consider these men to be instrumental in our spiritual lives as well as evangelization efforts. I can say their influence is heavily laced through the writings and mission statement of Catholic Sistas. There are no other words than they rock. Jen will also visit Dr. Kalamarides with the Vitae Clinic {note the sweet baby he’s holding is our little Josie!}, who I absolutely love and adore his work in the Austin area. She will also visit with Abby Johnson, former director for Planned Parenthood who is a local resident.

If you missed tonight’s episode, fear not! Here is how you can catch it for next Thursday, December 20:

Anyone with an Internet connection can watch it. NET, the New York-based TV station that is running the show, has a live, 24/7 internet feed of their programming. You can watch it live online at It will also air on the NET network in the New York City area (TimeWarner Ch 97 and Cablevision Ch 30) and will be available as an on-demand show for Verizon FiOS subscribers. Unfortunately, though there may be reruns, the show won’t be archived online. So be sure to catch it live tonight at 8:00pm EST (7:00pm CST).

The other two episodes in the series will air on December 20 and January 10, also at 8:00pm EST (7:00pm CST), so mark your calendars now.



GIVEAWAY: Catholic Sistas Wants to Say Thanks a Million!

I knew I wanted to do something nice for our one year anniversary from the beginning. For the past two months, I’ve been asking around to see who would like to donate some goodies for our giveaway. And it grew and grew and grew and…well, you get the idea. What a collection we’ve got! Hold onto your hats. You haven’t seen a giveaway like this before.

It’s amazing what people will donate when you twist their arm – and wrestle them until they call “uncle.” But I digress.

The following donations are a collection by friends, IRL and online, who have helped support Catholic Sistas this past year, both directly and through prayer. I am a sucker for Catholic books and authors and want to see more Catholic fiction written, particularly for our young adults. Consider patronizing these authors by clicking through to purchase some of their other works, please and thank you. 










ONE copy of Waking Rose {signed} by author Regina Doman

Our family has been a fan of Regina’s for quite some time. We have almost all her books and my teenaged daughter has enjoyed all of the fairy tale series. She was even excited to get a signed copy of Black as Night from Grandma who met Regina at a book signing a couple of years ago. Waking Rose is a great book choice not just for young adults, but the young at heart, too. You will become an instant fan of Regina Doman and no doubt want to collect the rest of the books in this great series.


ONE copy of  Sex, Style & Substance {signed} by book contributor Jennifer Fulwiler 

Description: Who is to say who the authentic Catholic woman is?

And how do the perils and pitfalls of modern society impact that vision?

Here is a fresh look at life from the perspective of ten Catholic women who live in the spotlight of the Internet — ten bloggers who keep it real every day with their personal posts relating their triumphs, trials, and temptations for all to see.

In the same way, nothing is off limits in Style, Sex, & Substance. Each of these women brings a refreshingly open and humorous perspective to growing in faith and improving their relationship with Christ.

Enjoy real stories, real struggles, and best of all, real faith and trust that God will bring out the best in all circumstances — whether in the family room, the bedroom, or at work.

Contributors include:
Hallie Lord, editor
Jennifer Fulwiler
Danielle Bean
Rachel Balducci
Simcha Fisher
Anna Mitchell
Barbara Nicolosi
Rebecca Teti
Elizabeth Duffy
Karen Edmisten


ONE copy of If Protestantism is True {signed} by author and contributor Devin Rose

Description: What if Protestantism were true?

That’s the question Rose takes up and explores. Each argument assumes Protestantism is true and then attempts to make sense of Christian history and theology based on that assumption. In this way, he presents a series of intelligible and compelling arguments for the Catholic Church’s claim to be the Church that Christ founded.

Catholics will learn to defend their faith, and Protestants will be challenged to answer the toughest questions about the roots of their beliefs.


ONE copy of Bless Me, Father, For I Have Kids {signed} by author Susie Lloyd


The uninterrupted life is not worth living

Got questions about Catholic family life? You’ve come to the right place! As a lifelong Catholic, devoted wife, diligent homeschooler, and mother of seven, Susie Lloyd knows lots of people who just might have the answers for you. Susie herself is too busy to give advice: busy giving home haircuts and finding missing socks; busy teaching her teen girls to drive, cook, and diagram sentences; busy praying for divine protection while she races off to church (late) in her full-size van. But every so often, Susie finds a few moments to share the wit and wisdom she’s gleaned from:

Teaching her kids about the Facts of Life Somewhere there must be a book which can aid me in my duty. In it there would be many pages devoted to birds, bees, and flowers. None involving kegs and station wagons.

Quelling her teen girls’ phobias Top of the list is frumpophobia: fear of being seen in a skirt when every other teen at the party, except the statue of Mary, will be in jeans. It gets worse if your dad thinks it would be lovely not only to wear the skirt but a veil as well.

Handing on Catholic customs When I was small, my mother taught me to say a Hail Mary whenever I heard an ambulance. It’s really a beautiful habit and habit is the word — I don’t know how many people I’ve prayed for whose car alarm was going off.

Getting older Some people tell me I could be my teen’s older sister. These people are usually 103 years old and wear their glasses hanging from a chain. But I’ll take it.

Strangers who question the size of her family What’s funny is, the people who call you nuts really expect you to act sane, and not like this: Nuts? Children, would one of you be a good girl and get the gun out of Mommy’s diaper bag?

Enduring her children’s music lessons Piano recitals are a time-honored way of gaining a plenary indulgence, provided we hold no attachment to murdering the piano teacher.

Joing a homeschool co-op None of us wanted to quit homeschooling; we just wanted somebody else to do it for us.

As she did in her beloved first book, Please Don’t Drink the Holy Water, in these pages Susie Lloyd will charm and edify you with her offbeat — but always pitch-perfect — take on the joys and challenges of raising a Catholic family in today’s world.


ONE copy of Stealing Jenny {signed} by author Ellen Gable

Description: After three heartbreaking miscarriages, Tom and Jenny Callahan are happily anticipating the birth of their sixth child. A neighbor, however, is secretly hatching a sinister plot which will find Jenny and her unborn baby fighting for their lives.

“Stealing Jenny is a gripping novel filled with engaging characters, a compelling mystery and a message which underscores the precious dignity of life. I literally couldn’t put it down and give Stealing Jenny my highest recommendation.”

-Lisa M. Hendey, author of “A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms”

“Ellen Gable is a masterful storyteller.Stealing Jenny is a smoothly written, chilling tale of gripping suspense. There are terrifying moments and heart-wrenching moments. Catholic faith and hope are tested. Above all, the sacredness and privilege of precious new life is made indisputably evident I never wanted it to end!”

-Therese Heckenkamp, author, Past Suspicion

“This is a novel that should come with a warning label! Stealing Jenny will keep you on the edge of your seat and probably destroy your sleep pattern as you stay up to find out what happens.”

-Sarah Reinhard, author, “Welcome Baby Jesus: Advent and Christmas Reflections for Families”


ONE bundled book The Princess and The Kiss with audio CD & Life Lessons {signed} by author Jennie Bishop

Description of The Princess and The Kiss: A loving king and queen present their daughter with a gift from God – her first kiss – to keep or to give away. The wise girl waits for the man who is worthy of her precious gift. Where is he and how will she ever find him? The surprising answer in this marvelous parable will touch the heart of parent and child alike.The Princess and the Kiss beautifully portrays the ageless message that “love… comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith” (1 Timothy 1:5)

Description of Life Lessons: Picking up where “Princess and the Kiss” left off, this easy-to-use devotional covers biblical teaching on purity, relationships and God’s plans for marriage (or singleness) with your child in a non-threatening and age-appropriate way.

You and your daughter can build a godly heritage with these short, practical, life-changing studies and activities.


ONE Catholic Mom shopping bag that consists of two books, The Handbook for Catholic Moms and and brand new release O Radiant Dawn: 5-Minute Prayers Around the Advent Wreath, both {signed} by author Lisa Hendey 

Lisa M. Hendey of Catholic Mom congratulates Catholic Sistas!


ONE bundled soft CD case and 5 audio CDs: 5 Virtues All Catholic Parents Should Pass On To Their  Children, Marriage Insurance, The Holy Eucharist, Catholic 5 – Non-negotiable Issues: Defending the Catholic Conscience ::includes bonus disc on the HHS Mandate, and Your Catholic Faith: Learn It, Live It, Love It (…and you’ll never Leave IT!) {signed} by Father Rocky of Relevant Radio

Father Rocky is the Executive Director of Relevant Radio and host of the popular program, Go Ask Your Father.


ONE Large Black Soft Tulle Triangle Mantilla by Veils by Lily

New Soft Tulle Collection

We are happy to introduce the new Soft Tulle Collection, made with one of the finest laces available.
Currently available in white and black, each veil has a delightful softness and drapes beautifully.


ONE Medium White Soft Tulle Almondine Mantilla by Veils by Lily


ONE – one year subscription to Radiant Magazine

Relatively new to the magazine world, this amazing magazine offers a wonderful and refreshing change to the secular magazine choices for our Catholic teen girls. From the Radiant Magazine website – Radiant is a chic, classy Catholic magazine distributed nationally to women ages 15-27. It features Catholic news & articles on issues affection young women today: health, beauty, politics, love, style and difficult life circumstances. If you haven’t heard of them before, have a look at some of their previous issues and consider a subscription for yourself or those awesome formidable teen gals and young adults in your life.


TWO Knit crochet baby hats by Nat’s Niche

newborn size

(can be used for daily wear but can also be used as photo-props)

Girl {right} – knitted pixie cap with venetian lace and leather

Boys {left} – crochet cap with leather and wooden buttons

Both made with wool/acrylic yarn.


THREE Custom pro-life rosaries and rosary holders

Seen here are only two of the rosary holders and two of the rosaries above.

This giveaway prize involves THREE SETS of one pro-life rosary and one clay rosary holder. In other words, there will be three winners who will each win one rosary and a rosary holder.

The pro-life rosaries are made by Chee Hart of Unique Rosaries for Mary and they are hand strung crystal and bead rosaries.  The ones donated for the giveaway are a special pro-life design.

You can find Chee on Etsy, her Facebook fan page, or her blog.

The clay rosary holders are handmade pottery by Donna of Donnabelle on Etsy. You can also find her on her Facebook fan page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


 TWO custom Catholic Sistas bottles of wine courtesy of founder Martina and our friends at Personal Wine







This giveaway includes:

ONE bottle of 2010 Viva de los Andes Cabernet AND ONE bottle of 2010 Viva de los Andes Sauvignon Blanc.

a Rafflecopter giveaway