The Glorious Mysteries—Everyday Style

I wrote previously about how praying the Rosary and applying the mysteries to my day to day life is what makes it meaningful to me. I discussed the Joyful Mysteries last month, so today I will talk about what makes the Glorious Mysteries significant in my daily conduct and outlook.

The first Glorious Mystery: THE RESURRECTION OF OUR LORD

This is what our faith as Catholics is all about. The preceding sorrowful events manifested into the greatest mystery and celebration of our faith. When discouragement weakens me in any way, I am assured that goodness will prevail, because Jesus is goodness. He wins. He will always win. When I am frustrated that babies are being aborted, our standard of family is being diluted, or atheistic tendencies are becoming more and more prevalent, it is the Lord’s resurrection that is the light that keeps me positive. Part of the resurrection was that Jesus reappeared as a man, yet again. I am to continue to recognize Him as such: as the face of a child, in the homeless man begging on the street corner, as the individuals we come across every day. This reminds me to look for Jesus in everyone I see.

The second Glorious Mystery: THE ASCENSION

Jesus transcends this world. As simple people, this physical act of Jesus’ rising, body and soul, into heaven speaks to us humans; we truly understand just how divine this man was. However, He doesn’t leave the apostles without reassuring them, and us, that He is always with us and no harm will come to us because He will protect us. This is when I believe any dilemma or difficulty in my life will be okay, because He told me it would be. This gives me confidence in my faith in Jesus Christ.

“They will pick up serpents with their hands,
and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not harm them” (Mark 16:18).

Everything is done according to His will, and I have to trust Him, because He loves me and I love Him. I think of this when I must have the “faith of a mustard seed.”

The third Glorious Mystery: THE DESCENT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT

This is how I know what my vocation is as a Catholic. As Christians, we believe Jesus has shown us He is almighty, assured us He is with us and we will suffer no harm, and now He told us to go out into the world without fear and proclaim His kingdom. Easy enough, right? Leading up to Pentecost, God used His actions and words to give us strength. The Holy Spirit is there for inspiration; we just have to ask for it. When I was in a graduate school class, a professor was spouting off things like “abortion is population control” and “a God centered universe is absurd.” It pained me to listen to this as if it was not to be argued with. I found myself praying fervently and before I knew what was happening, I raised my hand and what came out of my mouth was not within my control. I truly had a “God moment.” I cited the same theorists the professor had and disproved all that he was teaching within the few minutes. The professor sighed and said, “Wow. It has taken you 45 minutes what has taken me 20 years to understand.” Shortly afterward, several fellow students in the class asked me if I was Catholic, then they too had the inspiration and courage to defend the faith in the context of the class and theorists we were reading. I take no credit for this episode; it was all the Holy Spirit. I think this was exactly what Jesus was asking us to do: trust Him, allow Him into our discourse, and He will do the rest.

The fourth Glorious Mystery: THE ASSUMPTION

This helps me understand Mary’s role as our greatest advocate. Until she was taken up to Heaven, she stayed on Earth as a maternal figure to the Apostles and continues to be our very own Blessed Mother. She was more than special to God; she was the spotless vessel that bore His son, and she was deserving of being taken up, body and soul, into heaven. Just as Jesus rose into heaven, Mary too joins Him. She is part of that confidence God has given us. Just as we have a father, we also need a Mother. She still appears to us every now and again, reassuring us and validating just what we need to do to enter Heaven.

The fifth Glorious Mystery: THE CORONATION

Now this is what tells us Mary is special and as mothers, we are also special. We regard ourselves as queens of our castles and in fact, the Blessed Mother is Queen of Heaven. This belief shows our Church as pro-woman. No other Christian religion reveres woman, the way the Catholic Church does. The angels, who are above humans, adore her as queen. I also think about the reunion that Christ has with His Mother and the celebration that continues. Any mom could understand the joyfulness of a reunion with her son.

The Glorious Mysteries are my inspiration and my confidence. I am following the Truth and God has equipped me with all the courage and security and strength and affection that is needed to be Catholic and spread my faith with conviction.

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