Extreme Mothering, Extreme Grace and Peace

Our eldest and youngest, both with cystic fibrosis.

Our eldest and youngest, both with cystic fibrosis.

Pope Francis’ recent words about mothers are so precious to me, even as I’m driven to extremes raising some of our children with genetic illness:

* I want people to treat them just like anyone else.
* I want people to treat them with kid gloves.

* I’m comfortable in the hospital.
* I never want to see the hospital again.

* I thank God for spiritual gifts in caring for kids with health problems.
* I can barely speak to God.

* I am capable and strong.
* I am weak and sad.

* I’m just like any mom.
* I don’t want to be around any mom with healthy children.

* I want to be left alone.
* I’m clingy.

* I could kiss the researchers as they work for the good of humanity.
* I could shake the researchers if it would hasten a cure.

* I believe that suffering can bring us closer to Jesus.
* I don’t want to be closer to Jesus.

* My kids are just like yours.
* My kids are better than yours.
* My kids are worse than yours.

I’m a little bit of all of this, often every day. It is easy to be tossed about with all the passion and lose sight of what is true, good, and beautiful:

Our lives,
Our loves,
Our Lord.

These simple words from my favorite Saint Peter verse ground me and help me breathe, “May grace and peace be yours in abundance through knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord (2Peter 1:2). Grace and peace is what I want and what I pray for all of us, dear Sistas, through our Lord Jesus! May we continue on this journey with our children, with Him, and with His Mother.

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