7 Quick Takes Friday No. 17: Things Your Catholic Mama Says

Did you grow up in a Catholic home?  If so I’m sure there are many saying that you more than likely heard your Mama say over and over again as a child.  Maybe you grew up with Catholic friends and heard phrases that you wondered what in the heck they meant.  Let’s face it, as Catholics we have sayings that are particular to our faith and lives.  Here you’ll find my pick of 7 of my favorites.  You may have ones you grew up with or that you love to say now.  Let us know what they are!  We’d love to hear them!

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!
This is said in times of crisis, in times of joy, in times of sorrow.  Who better to call in in all kinds of situations than the Holy Family?  They are always quick to come to our aid so it is no wonder that many Catholic families call out to them first.   -JMJ-

Offer it up!
How many times have you suffered through something and your mother told you to “offer it up”?  What does that mean anyway?  When we offer it up or “suffer well” we join our suffering to Christ’s on the cross and make our pain, our anguish, our problems means something more than we could ever on our own.  Offering our sufferings for someone else is a great gift, not only to the receiver of our offering, but for us as well.

Saints preserve us!
What does that mean and how can the saints help us out?  When we look to the saints for guidance on how to handle a particular situation we find a map to holiness that we might not have found by ourselves.  After all, the saints have already been through just about any situation we could dream up, why not look to see how they handled the situation and how we can stay away from the pitfalls that perhaps they endured.

St. Anthony, are you around?  I’ve lost something that can’t be found!
Can St. Anthony really find our lost articles?  I’m sure many of us have amazing stories about finding something, maybe in a place we’ve already looked at many times, after uttering a little prayer to the patron saint of lost articles.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but probably not.  The saints are amazing intercessors and we should call on them for more than just lost articles (or selling houses!)

You’re pregnant?! What Saint are you naming your baby after?
Ok, so maybe this one was more widely used in the “good ole days” but many people still name their new babies after saints.  My newest miracle baby is named Leonidas.  St. Leonidas is the patron saint of large families.  Our little Leo (nicknamed this for Pope Leo XIII) is #11 in our family and we know he had a whole host of saints praying for his safe arrival.  There really is no better way of honoring Catholics who show us how to live a faithful life and await in Heaven willing to help us when we ask!

I hear sirens!  Let’s pray!
Many Catholic families, upon hearing emergency vehicle sirens or upon coming up on an accident or disaster, immediately make the Sign of the Cross and begin to pray.  It may be the Hail Mary, the Our Father, or another prayer but it is recited for those affected by situation.  We pray for those hurt and those administering to them.  Prayer is such an important part of our lives and there is no more important time to pray than when we know someone is suffering.

Ask your Guardian Angel to protect you/show you what to do.
“Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here, ever this day (or night) be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen”.  What a beautiful gift we have to be able to call on our Guardian Angels to help guide us and protect us.  Often we only do this as children but as adults we ought to call on them as well.  They didn’t leave us just because we grew up!  They still want to help us and are always willing to do so.

What other “Catholic sayings” do you say or have you heard?  Which do you hold dear to you?  Being Catholic encompasses all that we say and do… from the big to the small.  Being Catholic is such a blessing!

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