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Easter Season Favorites: Quick Takes Style

Happy Easter, friends! Yes, it has been five days since Easter Sunday, but it is still the Easter Season. We are in the Octave of Easter.Read more »

Five Things That Make Me Happy

There are several “givens” when it comes to happiness: my husband and my kids, my family, but I want to talk about the other gifts that GodRead more »

Seven Quick Takes: Easter Traditions

Our forty days in the dessert are almost complete – today is Good Friday.  And while most of the Quick Takes this week will featureRead more »

7 Quick Takes Friday, No. 22: New Year’s Resolutions

Each year we resolve to be more than we were the year before. Or, sometimes we did a good job the year before and we want to build uponRead more »

Your Handy-Dandy Guide to Catholic Christmas Shopping!

I know, I know! Thanksgiving is still 2 weeks away, and Christmas isn’t even on your radar. But when it comes to Christmas shopping,Read more »

7 Quick Takes Friday No. 17: Things Your Catholic Mama Says

Did you grow up in a Catholic home?  If so I’m sure there are many saying that you more than likely heard your Mama say over and over againRead more »

7 Quick Takes Friday, no. 16: Prayer Intentions

The most important thing we can do as Catholics is pray. I’m sure we have all seen examples of the amazing power of prayer in our lives orRead more »

7 Quick Takes Friday, no. 14

Welcome to 7 Quick Takes at Catholic Sistas. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite blogs. With 50+ contributors, we collectively followRead more »

7 Quick Takes Friday, no. 11

Do you have a favorite quote? Is it written down in your prayer journal, posted by your desk, on a coffee mug, or just in your memory? WeRead more »

7 Quick Takes Friday, no. 8: Advent Traditions

Happy New Year, Catholics! It’s a new liturgical year for us as Catholics which, as you probably know by now, starts with Advent.Read more »

7 Quick Takes Friday, no. 5: Catholic Apps

For this month’s 7 Quick Takes, I decided to ask the ink slingers about their favorite Catholic smartphone apps and compile a list of ourRead more »

7 Quick Takes Friday, Debut Post

The Catholic Sistas are joining bloggers from all around the blogosphere in the weekly series of 7 Quick Takes posts hosted atRead more »

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