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  • “Great blog!” “…I only wish that a blog like this existed when we were raising our 6 children. I’m going to suggest it to our grand daughters.” – Lynne K.
  • “I have really enjoyed this blog! It makes me realize that I am not alone in my struggles…thank you for sharing it in the first place.” – Cindy S.
  • “Ok, she is in my favorites!” Toby S.
  • “Just wanted to let you know I’m really enjoying the Catholic Sistas Blog.  There are lots of good posts on there and I’m really enjoying it.” – Holly C.
  • “Finally, my words expressed through someone else’s struggles with infertility. It’s as if she read my mind.” -Mona B.
  • “This was so funny – and one of my dear Catholic friends explained her prayer to the saints in the same way, which was the first time I understood it. Wonderful, hilarious article.” (: – Jennie Bishop, author of The Princess and the Kiss, The Squire and the Scroll among other books, in response to a Vanilla Ice article.

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  1. I just want to say that your post, Confessions of a Recovering Lesbian, was inspirational to me. My wife discovered she was attracted to the same sex two years ago and was unable to resist the temptation. The devastation to my family has been incalculable. The woman that had led me to the Catholic faith soon denied God and became the worst liar and adulterer, something unimaginable to either of us as our families had been hurt by infidelity in the past and we had always been utterly honest with each other. She herself has undergone a year of hell while pursuing relationships with the most dysfunctional women you are likely to meet. She is recovering from these relationships and is trying to seek God again, as she realizes that without his guidance she was lost. She still thinks of herself as lesbian and fully buys into the lies that sustain that community. When I shared your post with her, her response was “well, she wasn’t a real lesbian.” The same response I get from atheists when I tell them I converted to Catholicism, “well you must not have been a real atheist.” In any case I want to say thank you for staying faithful to God and your husband, I realize better than most what a cross people with same sex attraction bear and your fidelity is saving your family and yourself from untold heartache and pain.

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