What Memento Mori Means to Me

What Momento Mori Means to Me

Memento Mori: remember you will die.

I remember the night I thought I was going to die!

I had been having pain in my right leg. My doctor diagnosed me with a pulled muscle. All was well and go until my foot swelled up.

Now minor swelling is normal with my medicine, Thus I thought nothing of it at first. Then almost overnight my foot began to balloon up.

It was as big as an elephant’s foot.

I rushed to the patient first. The doctor took one look at it and said, “ you need to go to the emergency room now; we can’t help you.”

So I went to the emergency room, right?

Wrong! I stupidly decided to go home. I wanted to sleep in my own bed. Plus I didn’t want to worry about going home in the middle of the night.

That night was the worse sleep of my life. My giant foot loomed in my vision and reminded me of my poor decision.

Having so many brushes with death in the past, I lied awake wondering if I was ready.

Was I ready to die?

Memento Mori origin

According to an article on National Catholic Register, the phrase Memento Mori originated in the Roman Empire. Trumpet Roman gladiators would have slaves whisper, “Memento Mori” into their ear. It was to remind them that the one battle they cannot win is death.

Death comes to everyone.

Life is a Vapor

One of my old Evangelical pastors before an altar call would say, “life is like a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow.”

The fleeting nature of life should not lead us to fear, but rather into the arms of Christ.

Obviously, I lived on and survived two deep vein thrombosis, but I will never forget that night.

I can only trust that God’s got my back.

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