Trumping God by Controlling Birth

Ever wonder how birth control exists if God is the Author of Life and has the power to do anything according to His Will? The Almighty could create every human being the way he did Adam and Eve; no need for our compliance, ever. Yet, God insists we participate with Him in the creation of new human souls, so in answer to this demand we humans have devised numerous methods take away from God the control of birth.
Have we humans trumped God?

Many would say yes. Even many Christians would ultimately be forced to address this question, and would find themselves wrestling away from an obvious “yes, we have trumped God.” However, I don’t believe this to be true. Birth control “works” because God is giving us exactly what we are asking for.

In Sacred Scripture, children are never described as anything short of a blessing. A multitude of children is more desirable than a mere few. God wishes to bless us with new lives, one of the Almighty’s greatest gifts to us. So, again, how is it that birth control exists? I believe that when we are adamant in our refusal of God’s gifts, so adamant we look to pills, devices, and sterilization, Our Father takes us seriously by our action.

In the matter of birth control, whatever the method we use, God gives us exactly what it is we want; He withholds His most precious gifts of children from us. Our power in the matter is a smoke screen, and in reality we are losing, all the while breaking a healthy system in our body because it works precisely as it should. 

Are these designed better than God's design of our bodies?

Are these designed better than God’s design of our bodies?

When we use birth control, we insult His intelligence. When we take those pills, use those barriers, insert those devices, or mutilate our bodies, we tell God He messed up when He designed our reproductive systems. We tell God, “You made a mistake here, my Creator, it turns out we keep making babies – You forgot the shutoff valve. But don’t You worry, my Lord, we humans have learned how to fix this flaw in your otherwise perfect design of our bodies. ”

Let’s hover over this thought for a while – why didn’t God provide a shut off valve? Or did He? Yes, actually, He did. The medical community titles it menopause. It turns out that God didn’t design women to have babies all the days of their lives. In His perfect design, He has already ensured a limit to female fertility by the means of puberty and menopause. Furthermore, women only have a small window each cycle to even be able to conceive a child. God has already provided us primarily with time to enjoy the unitive aspect of marriage, and He only takes a few days for Himself to procreate with us. He truly is already controlling birth.

We are delusional to think we can and are taking away control of birth from God.

As a fertile Catholic female, I am thankful that my Church insists I am perfect just the way I am and condemns the use of birth control to fix my “problem” which isn’t a problem at all, but a means of blessing. I am thankful for the knowledge of Natural Family Planning which works with God’s perfect design of the unique reproductive system formed between my husband and myself. God, our Creator, the Author of Life, has already thought of and planned for everything we need.

Let us trust in Him.

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