This Friday: Relevant Radio Interview with On Call’s Wendy Wiese!



The Interview Deets

What: Catholic Sistas creator Martina Kreitzer interviewed on Relevant Radio’s On Call with Wendy Wiese

When: Friday, June 8 at 1 p.m. CST

Where: Tune in from your home, your car, your office, even remotely from your computer!

This Friday I will have a chance to talk about the mission of Catholic Sistas with Wendy Wiese and I am totally looking forward to it! Admittedly, promotion for the blog to this point has been limited. Soon after the creation of the blog, we found ourselves pregnant with number six – add to that, all the daily trials of homeschooling, morning sickness, general {and most of the time crushing} fatigue, and an unexpected decision to move closer to our parish in month six of pregnancy, and you can see why promotion wasn’t at the top of the list.

But have no fear! I always knew God would provide the right kind of traffic and audience for the blog in spite of my own personal commitments. He was abundantly clear that in order for the blog to thrive, I would have to always put the home front first. And anytime I tried to do things my way {i.e. pursue goals with the blog at the expense of the family}, the blog suffered. Proof that trust in His plan is always better than my own, for sure!

So, I invite you to join me this Friday to hear just a smattering of what we’ve done in the past nine months, what our current vision is and what we have on the docket for future initiatives. Even if you don’t have a Relevant Radio station in your town, you can always go directly to the Relevant Radio website and click on the “listen now” button to hear great programming!

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