The Case for DAYBOOK

Why DAYBOOK Should be Your Catholic Planner

Any good planner is worth the investment. But I believe a good planner should also be affordable. When DAYBOOK began in 2014, then advertised as Catholic Through The Year, the goal was to make Catholic planning affordable, first and foremost. At a modest $9 for the downloadable and printable PDF version, it quickly became a staple of many Catholics around the country and the world. It allowed those in other countries access to a product that could potentially be cost prohibitive due to exorbitant shipping costs. The goal of the product was achieved in that sense early on, but the desire to offer hard copies would not be a reality until the fall of 2015.


DAYBOOK is and always has been the primary fundraiser for Catholic Sistas. When you buy one of our planners, you are not just getting a top-notch tool to assist you in your day-to-day Catholic living, you are supporting Catholic Sistas, a 100% volunteer run apostolate.


Sometimes buying a planner or even trying to start planning your life better can be super overwhelming. Ask me how I know this…? I wasn’t born naturally organized or a planner and I’m not the child of super planners and organizers. I am also the eldest of two children, so the type A was always there 😉 (see what I did there?), but little else. The desire to be better organized was always a tiny whisper in my ear, but the how and the implementation of the process always felt elusive.

How could I better manage my small growing army of people unless I recommitted myself to SOME kind of planning system? I could feel myself drowning in the everyday until a friend showed me a uniquely Catholic calendar planner back in 2012. I was amazed. I loved loved LOVED all the Catholic elements. And then I realized all the ways this planner would ultimately not work for me and my family. And that was what ultimately prompted the creation of the planner and bundles (Homeschool, Household Management, and Catholic blogger). Being able to customize the planner to meet my needs while meeting the needs of 1000s of customers became top priority. CUSTOMIZATION, friends. I took in feedback from friends and strangers alike who either affirmed my design choices or straight up told me what needed to be changed. Those changes and revisions would come with future editions after the first planner was released in July 2014.


I’d be lying to you if I said I was 100% satisfied with the first release of the planner – or the second or third, lol. It was all about getting something workable out there with the intent to improve and the design. 


More than FOUR years later and I am finally able to say this planner is about 94.92845% the way that I had always envisioned it. The disc binding – game changer. That you are able to move pages around and put them in the order that makes sense for YOUR day – game changer. Bullet journal lovers now finally have some creative space to absolutely UNLEASH some beauty into DAYBOOK while retaining the style elements of a traditional planner – GAME CHANGER. And these are just the practical applications, y’all.

Catholic content? You betcha.

There are arguably more Catholic elements in DAYBOOK than anything else out there. Calling on fellow mommas in my home parish, you are the first to see some of the most raw Catholic artisan talent IN YOUR planner. Custom made for DAYBOOK, these prayerfully discerned pieces of art are for you to enjoy and color, even bringing life into your habit and mood tracker! 


  • comes in PDF printable version or
  • HARD COPY – silver foil stamping on sturdy vinyl cover/back, disc binding
  • 288 pages
  • Mass readings
  • Ordinary and Extraordinary Form feast days
  • Ember Days
  • Universal monthly themes
  • Papal intentions
  • Ignatian Daily Examen
  • Saint quotes
  • QR codes
  • US holidays
  • Spiritual Sketch (guide to fine tuning your spiritual alignment)
  • To-do sheets
  • bullet journal Spiritual Growth Diary
  • Mood and Habit trackers with monthly themes
  • Water tracker
  • PRICE: $9 for PDF download, $5045 (special pre-order price)
  • FREE USPS priority shipping
  • Facing financial hardship? Live across the pond? No need to stress – send me an email at and let’s see what we can work out. 
  • Have an idea for DAYBOOK? Comment below or send an email. I’d love to hear your feedback, friends!



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