A Thanksgiving Prayer

prayer of thanksgivingDear Heavenly Father,

Today as we celebrate Thanksgiving we take time to recognize all the blessings we have in our lives. We know that they come from You alone.  We know that You are the kind Master and we are but humble servants, owing our lives and all that is in them to You.  We thank You for Your love, Your grace, and Your generosity.  We pray that we use Your gifts wisely.  We pray that our lives will be a reflection of You… all that is holy and good.

Lord, in this time where we know we have been given so much, we pray that you will soften our hearts to others in need.  Guide us and show us how to take care of others the way You take care of us.  Teach us to administer to the poor and sick, the lost and the lonely, the abused and abandoned.  Let us share our time, our money, our spirit and our love with those who suffer.  Let those we serve see You in all we do.

Heavenly Father, we know we have done nothing to merit Your love and Your grace and yet You so freely bestow them on us.  Help us to live a life that is deserving of all our blessings.  Help us to put You first in our lives.  Help us to always be thankful for Your ever-loving presence.  Help us to remember that You are with us both in the good times and when we are walking through though the storms.

Father, the Catholic Sistas are so blessed to be able to bring Your word, Your light, and Your love to all our readers.  Please continue to guide us in all we say and do, both online and in our everyday lives.  Please continue to show us where we fit into the world of Catholic Evangelization.  Help us to reach as many readers as possible and always guide us to share the Truth.  We know we have a tremendous responsibility and we are so happy You trust us to be a part of sharing Your word and Your love.  May everything we share here always lead our readers, Your followers, to the Truth… and to You.

Lord, we ask you to bless our readers.  Help them to grow in their faith.  Please continue to bless their lives and families.  May they also become beacons of Your light and love.  As they grow in spirituality and faith guide them to share their love for You with everyone they encounter.

Heavenly Father, while we take time today to say thank you, please help us to remember to thank You each and every day.  We thank You for the ultimate sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ.  The love You have for us is incomprehensible, especially when we see all that You gave up for us.  Help us to be worthy of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

Thank you Lord, for our lives, for our blessings, and most of all, for Your love.


We at the Catholic Sistas wish you each a very blessed Thanksgiving day.  May you continue to be blessed with life, laughter, and love. 

happy thanksgiving

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