Be Still

           “Be still.” Really? I have so much to do, places to go. Again, “be still.”  Through a number of places and people, God has been telling me to “be still” this year.            I am notorious for being late.  My family of origin is usually running … Continue readingBe Still

Marvelous Things

I settled down in my worn out wingback chair in the thin winter sunlight with our fourteen-month old, who wanted to nurse himself to sleep. Usually, another child with “Mom’s nursing and can’t move” radar sidles up to me with a book to read, a … Continue readingMarvelous Things


I have been an avid horseman* for as long as I can remember. After turning her back on me for a moment as a toddler, my mother found me surrounded by half a dozen large horses in the pasture. Later, I got my own pony and … Continue readingTransitions