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VIDEOS: They Chanted Hail Satan and More

Someone present at the Capitol in Austin, TX shared the video with us of those chanting Hail Satan.

She also shared a side-by-side account of what happened when a friend was interviewed by a news station and compared what was used by the news station vs. what the entire actual footage looked like. For those who are near the media in events such as these, she offers the following advice:

“I got a tip from a good friend that any time you are being interviewed by a news agency it’s always a good idea to have a friend take a video at the same time. That way even if they twist it or only show certain parts, you can still share the whole thing & you have proof.

While I was at the Capitol on July 1st I saw another pro-lifer being interviewed, so I put my camera on record. This is what I got. I sent a copy to the woman being interviewed & she said it was ok for me to share this 🙂 She did a beautiful job.”

Video taken of prolifer being interviewed July 1st at Capitol

…And here’s the clip of what Channel 39 (Houston) showed of the interview