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“And Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart…”

To ponder: to consider something deeply and thoroughly; to meditate.

Whatever happened to pondering, anyway?

Now, we do a whole lot of thinking, planning, worrying, doing, procrastinating, scurrying and relaxing. Even our quiet time (if we happen to get some in our day!) is filled with racing thoughts about what has happened, what could or should be happening and what’s going to happen later. We, especially as women, can drive ourselves absolutely crazy with THOUGHTS.

On campus, we ask our student leaders to join us for a morning Holy Hour everyday. There are some shared prayers, but most of the time is spent in silence with the Lord. He is present right before us, and for a brief time, He has us all to Himself. To teach us, to talk to us, to love us. Taking this time everyday to meditate with our Lord has made a huge difference in my spiritual life, and I know for our students, it changed lives.

How much difference would it make in your life?

I just love the Blessed Mother. She’s so ready to give her abundant special graces when her children ask her. And one thing she’s particularly good at as Scripture tells us (Luke 2:19) is pondering the goodness of the Lord, the great things He has done, how much He loves.

Let us ask our Queen to help us ponder. Let’s take a moment to walk away from shopping, wrapping, cooking, stressing. Let go of the Martha in you and embrace the Mary (Luke 10:38-42). Let us dote on the new born babe, whom we hold in our arms and show to the world. Let us ponder.

In fact, here’s a poem from G.K. Chesterton to help:

The Christ-child lay on Mary’s lap,
His hair was like a light.
(O weary, weary were the world,
But here is all aright.)

The Christ-child lay on Mary’s breast
His hair was like a star.
(O stern and cunning are the kings,
But here the true hearts are.)

The Christ-child lay on Mary’s heart,
His hair was like a fire.
(O weary, weary is the world,
But here the world’s desire.)

The Christ-child stood on Mary’s knee,
His hair was like a crown,
And all the flowers looked up at Him,
And all the stars looked down