Movie Review: “Old Fashioned” Is a Beautiful Modern Love Story

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and you’re so excited to see the latest romantic movie! Should you see the much-anticipated porno so graphic the female lead doesn’t want her parents to see it? And whose male lead felt so dirty while researching his part that he had to shower before touching … Continue readingMovie Review: “Old Fashioned” Is a Beautiful Modern Love Story

Movie Review: The Identical

Yesterday, I enjoyed an advanced screening of The Identical, a new film by City of Peace Films. The movie stars several big-name actors, including Ray Liotta, Seth Green, and Ashley Judd. I was intrigued by the premise of The Identical even before seeing it because … Continue readingMovie Review: The Identical

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REVIEW: Gimme Shelter

I’m a picky movie goer: I don’t want to fork over cash to support movies that worship the gimmie (non)culture. I  I found out about Gimme Shelter from Jason Jones with Movie to Movement whose mission is to “promote films that make a difference – films … Continue readingREVIEW: Gimme Shelter

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