2016 Lent Photo Journey

TWO WEEKS until Lent. Can you believe it?! It feels like Christmas and Advent just ended. And I’m just getting into the swing of Ordinary Time and all things green in the liturgy. But now, especially thanks to Misty’s post last week, Your 2016 Handy-Dandy … Continue reading2016 Lent Photo Journey

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Good Shelter Work

I acted the devil’s advocate. “So here we are, driving to the animal shelter to volunteer when people are hungry. Shouldn’t we be helping at the Food Bank?” I grinned so she knew I was playing a bit. She pursed her sassy, fourteen-year-old lips and … Continue readingGood Shelter Work

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Just One Part?

“Go in peace, glorifying God with the life that you lead.” These are the words our pastor speaks at the end of each Mass. I leave Mass each week thinking about how I can apply them to my daily life. When I stumble during the … Continue readingJust One Part?