The Cross of Infertility

“So, when are you going to have kids?” It’s one of the most awkward questions I encounter and one of the most stressful, frustrating, and tear-inducing. It’s a question asked by well-meaning and caring relatives, friends that don’t know any better, friendly parishioners I know … Continue readingThe Cross of Infertility

Making Sacrifices Real

Growing up we gave up something each year for Lent – cookies, junk food, sweets, a particular candy.  As soon as our children were old enough, we started each Lent discussing what each person would be giving up during Lent.  We write them all down … Continue readingMaking Sacrifices Real

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Fasting for Freedom

  It’s the Christmas season: a time of feasting that we anticipate all year.  As much as I want to savor this time, I find myself preoccupied with more penitential thoughts. Just as God guilted me into praying the rosary, He’s been using His relentless, … Continue readingFasting for Freedom

Why the Cross?

One of the hardest group of people to evangelize to Catholicism isn’t atheists, but agnostics. Atheists, after all, at least start out believing in objective truth; they firmly believe that objectively,  there is no God. Harder to pin down are agnostics, who may or may … Continue readingWhy the Cross?