Splendid Sundays

Did you know that through all Masses offered, nearly the entire Bible is covered in the three year cycle of readings?

As part of our blogging schedule, we have agreed as a group that we will not be doing individual blog posts on Sundays. However, we do want to keep discussion going, so we will be posting about Mass and our obligations on Sundays. Don’t worry, we’re set to auto-post so we can enjoy family time, too. 🙂

Sunday readings hold different meaning for different people. Inevitably some part of Scripture or a certain place during Mass jumps out at someone, giving them something they needed at that precise time.

What was memorable for you today? Did the kids behave? Did you find forgiveness in something you had been holding onto for a while? Did you marvel at the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of our Lord, Jesus Christ? Anything of particular importance you want to share with us? We’d love to hear how Mass impacts your life.

One Reply to “Splendid Sundays”

  1. It was basically a Palm Sunday so we went to church to let the palm leaves be blessed. One strong statement from the priest that really struck me was “You’re not actually loving if at the same time you don’t feel pain.” He wants us to realize that with every act of true love comes with an excruciating pain. Just like what Jesus did for us. Thanks!

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