Saint Philomena, HELP! Book Review & Giveaway

Saint Philomena, HELP!

Saint Philomena, HELP! is a lovely book written by homeschooling mother of six and Catholic author, Christine Henderson. Mrs. Henderson brings her stories alive and teaches the faith along the way.  She has a vast experience working with children as she has been home educating her own for the past fourteen years.  This is the first volume in a series entitled, A Sister Marie Story.  In this story Sister Marie has her worked cut out for her as she works in the least preferred area of her town, the poor area.  Here she strives to help the residents improve their daily lives in temporal as well as spiritual matters.

I truly enjoyed how Mrs. Henderson is able to weave the intercession of Saint Philomena into this beautiful chapter book as she tells the tale of a young girl names Maggie and her family.  In this story Sister Marie teaches the family of young Maggie how to seek help from Saint Philomena in their temporal matters but also to establish a devotion and love for the beautiful saint. It was almost like reading two stories in one seeing how the family learned to love praying and trusting in God to provide for them. We loved, also, how much Sister Marie cared for these people which others did not want to associate with.

This story is perfect for children as young as four as a read aloud and even up to children age ten to read independently.  I choose to read it to my four smaller children ages 4, 6, 8, and 10 as our afternoon read aloud.  Each day after lunch they were eager to hear one more chapter in the adventures of Sister Marie.  They truly enjoyed this book and were sad when it came to an end.  We look forward to Volume 2 which is due to come out mid to late May, 2015 as we learn of another adventure of Sister Marie, the

Description by publisher: A Sister Marie Story: Saint Philomena, HELP! Volume I
“Sister Marie works in a poor area trying to help the residents improve their lives. One day she meets, Maggie, a little girl, who has just moved into a run down house with her family. Things are not going well for them, and the father does not know what to do. Sister Marie shares with this family the story of Saint Philomena. Will this wonderful saint be able to help?”

One lucky reader of Catholic Sistas will win a copy of this beautiful book, but if you don’t want to wait until the contest is over, click on the Amazon link to purchase the book today.  It is available in both Kindle and book formats.  In Kindle it is $5.00 and in book format it is $8.99!

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