REVIEW: Loving Baby Louie – Hope in the Midst of Grief


Alison sent me a message on Facebook one morning, asking if I would be interested in doing a review of a children’s book her mom and dad had written. The book’s topic covered infant loss, a loss that Alison shared with us in October 2014 about baby Louie. Of course I immediately said yes.

Not only is Alison’s dad one of my absolute favorite Catholic authors, winning me and many of my friends over with his book Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic, but a special affinity has been borne through getting to know Alison over the years. She allowed me and many friends to walk with her through such terrible grief and ultimately giving God the glory and honor through everything. 


The book outlines the journey from the beginning of pregnancy to the diagnosis baby Louie receives in utero that ultimately results in death. Because it is a children’s book, special care is taken in terms of verbiage, keeping in mind the kinds of words that help children process this information, while weaving the supporting and beautiful elements of our Faith. 


REVIEW: Loving Baby Louie - Hope in the Midst of GriefI love that while part of baby Louie’s story included baptism and confirmation, the sense in the book serves to affirm in parents the importance of those sacraments. The book even includes a section at the back that touches on the controversial limbo, clarifying that it has never been official Church Doctrine. While the primary aim of the book is to share a story of grief with young children, the back of the book takes it from a simple story to a resource for parents and loved ones. 


This is a must-have book for anyone who has gone through infant loss. I love that this book touches on the reality of those in heaven are not angels*, but instead saints. If you know anyone who has lost a child, infant or otherwise, this book can be a real source of healing. I urge you to buy a copy. 

*Angels are pure spirit, humans are flesh and spirit, intertwined together. Humans who make it to heaven do not become angels. They are saints. 

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