Remember Your Death

In the span of one month this past winter, three people I care very much about lost their fathers unexpectedly. The degree to which each was prepared for death varied greatly. Being spiritually prepared for our own or for a loved one’s death is not … Continue readingRemember Your Death

Talking About Sin

Endorsing My Sins Do you talk about your sins? I think the gut reaction is, “of course not!” At least, that’s what the gut reaction is for me.  But my gut reaction…might have been wrong. I thought that I was fairly clear-cut about sin. Sins … Continue readingTalking About Sin

On the Choosing, Keeping, and Caring of Catholic Godparents

Choosing good godparents is an important part of planning a Catholic baptism. A godparent must be a Catholic in good standing; being at least 16 years old and having received all four Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation.  A godparent’s main role is to be a spiritual presence in the child’s life—praying for them, assisting the parents in raising the child in the Faith, and personally modeling a life of Christian virtue and faith. … Continue readingOn the Choosing, Keeping, and Caring of Catholic Godparents