Respond with grace…

Oooh-wee!   The Catholic Blogosphere is all worked up, aren’t we?

HHS!  PP!  SGK! 

(LOL… better keep up on your acronym lingo!)

We’ve got fire in our belly… straining at the leash…  rarin’ to go… all fired up!
Pointing fingers, neck hairs raised,  nostrils flaring, bloodshot-beady-eyed…



Whoa boy… down, down boy… okay deep breath.
Yes, you are a good Catholic {ear scratch}… goooood booy {belly rub}.



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We are all trying to get our reactions known and heard.   We’re all in a tizzy trying to state our opinions and be the first to react.  So, how are our readers viewing our response to all this news?
Let’s take a trip to the local pet shop and see how our furry/feathery/scaly friends would handle this on their blogs!

The Fish
Bubble… bubble… post a link… don’t say anything… maybe no one will notice…

The Bird
Lots of annoying chatter in the background…  SQUAWK!  SQUAWK!
Or the un-caged, free-flyer who comes to sit on your shoulder and poops down your back?

The Cat
Leave me to my sunny spot under the window and I will pretend you do not exist.
Don’t ask my opinion because I’m not giving it to you anyway.

The Gerbil
I will run the good race… around and around and around.
You may not notice me, but I’m okay with that.

The Friendly Puppy
I will love you and lick you and tell you how much I love you by licking you!
I’ll be your best friend forever and nothing you can say will change that!
Can’t we all just get along?

and for good measure…


Now, I KNOW we’re all feeling a special desire to take home that Attack Dog right now… and with very good reason.  However, our goal is to win the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters and bring them ever closer to Christ through our words and actions… and bite their heads off.

So, let’s reconsider those other pets for a moment.
Take the fish, for example.  Fish isn’t afraid to post what’s on his mind, but also likes to keep the peace.  Props to Fish.
Or Bird… this sweet little sneak attack pigeon catches the tourists off guard and poops on their fanny packs.  Tourists are just rubberneckers who want to see the carnage – they totally deserve it though, right?  Props to Bird.
Cat is tricky though.  Cat ignores the problems that clearly exist.  And Puppy isn’t doing much better.  Sometimes the truth needs to at least be examined.
And last, but certainly not least there is Gerbil.  Gerbil is the real winner.  Unrelenting in his quiet little goal.

So, the moral of the story… no, I’m not anti-dog or cat – that’s not the point.  Besides, I’ve had my allergy shots, they’re both cool with me now.

Our reactions and responses to this unfolding news drama of late need to be continually under scrutiny.  Are we needlessly creating enemies out of could-be friends?  Are we burning bridges before the caboose has crossed?  Or, on the other hand, are we ignoring or placating issues that deserve our voices of support?

And regardless of how we want to voice off in this new Blogosphere world, we must remember to run the good race… praying unceasingly… in faith and hope.  Let’s approach this recent news by taking the  higher road, a “New Way”, through prayer, fasting, and penance.  Let’s turn to the Patron Saint of breast disease – St. Agatha.

In prayer:

Oh St. Agatha, who withstood the unwelcome advances from unwanted suitors,
and suffered pain and torture for her devotion to Our Lord, we celebrate your
faith, dignity and martyrdom.
Protect us against rape and other violations, guard us against breast cancer and other
afflictions of women, and inspire us to overcome adversity.
Oh St. Agatha, virgin and martyr, mercifully grant that we who venerate your sacrifice,
may receive your intercession.

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