Of Note–February 2020

Let’s face it, we are all busy, modern women and we just don’t have the time or the energy to vet or read everything the Catholic blogosphere has to offer. We have streamlined that for you and offer you the most worthy, relevant reads that will keep you informed and in-tune without wasting your precious time. Each month, on the first Friday, you can find Of Note filled with posts that are inspiring, knowledgeable, cover current events, and liturgical living.

We are continually looking for new and lesser known bloggers to feature here on Of Note. If you write a blog or know of one we should take a look at leave a link in the combox or email me at: OfNote@CatholicSistas.com

Yikes! I can’t believe Lent is already closing in on us. It seems like we were just celebrating Christmas! Are you gearing up for Lent? I’m definitely thinking and praying on how my Lent will look this year. I’m sure we here on Catholic Sistas will have plenty to offer as Ash Wednesday approaches. In the meantime, let’s see what the rest of the Catholic media world has to offer.

Liturgical Living

Do you have any family traditions to celebrate Fat Tuesday? Lacy has a great resource post just in time for Mardi Gras

The Kennedy Adventures has a great resource post for the whole family in anticipation of Lent. Be sure to check it out!

Hidden Gems

Kim of Musings from the Home writes beautifully about persevering with their family rosary in the midst of living the chaos of a big and young family. While our family is on the back end of this chaos, I remember so many nights praying a non-contemplative rosary, myself.

From her blog, The Myth Retold, Carissa’s personal reflection on the intertwining of joy and sorrow is profoundly moving.

If you love reading, especially Catholic literature, you may be interested in Haley’s CathLit2020 Reading Challenge at Carrots for Michaelmas. She has some intriguing choices that I hope to pick up and read this year.

The Professionals

Aleteia recently published a guide to the Liturgy of the Hours for beginners.

I’ve recently incorporated the hour of Prime into my morning offering and I’m considering adding Compline to my evening offering beginning this Lent. Dr. Kwasniewski writes about the history and re-emergence of Prime and Compline Catholics in his most recent article for One Peter Five.

It had always been my thinking that “Ordinary Time” in the Church calendar really meant “mundane time”–a boring part of the year with no particular exciting feasts or celebrations. Writing for New Liturgical Movement, Michael P. Foley corrects my erroneous interpretation of “Ordinary Time” and gives the reader much to consider regarding past revisions of the liturgical calendar.

From the Archives

Ink Slinger, Michelle, wrote this beautifully poignant reflection for Lent several years ago. It’s definitely worth a re-read.

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