National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Pregnancy loss pic (2)On this day, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, we take time to remember our children who have died too soon. Whether you have experienced the loss of your child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or in those first few hours, days, or months of their short lives, the pain can often be overwhelming and unbearable at times while at other times you may simply feel numb to everything around you.

Those feelings in the days and months following a loss will often change as more and more time passes. Yet, no matter how much time goes by and how much we “move on” with our lives, we never forget. Our child or children will always have a home in our hearts and we often find ourselves thinking about them and missing them at random times.

The best part about today’s special day of remembrance is not just that we can take a moment to remember our precious children, but that we can also share our stories with others and find consolation and camaraderie with other mothers and fathers who understand the pain we have all been through. It’s nice to read of other’s experiences and realize that you are not alone in your grief, that someone else has been where you are and they have lived through it. [For some resources for those mourning or those wanting to recognize a friend or family member’s loss, check out our Miscarriage.InfantLoss Board on Pinterest.]

Today, we at Catholic Sistas would like to share our stories of loss. Throughout today you will see a variety of different stories shared from our writers as well as a few of our friends. But we also want to hear your stories! If you have a blog, we encourage you to share your own story there and to link it up for us below in the link-up. Please also include a link in your story back to this post so that others can find us and read the various stories we will be sharing with each other. Thank you in advance for sharing your stories with us. We hope they will give support and encouragement to others.


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