Joan of Arc Puppet Show

Joan of Arc Puppet ShowWhen it comes to saints, Joan of Arc is high on my list of favorites. There are so many things about her that I admire. She was open to listening to God despite outside pressure. She inserted herself into a role that she wasn’t trained for, nor knew much about having a peasant background. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. She was brave. These are all pretty amazing attributes. My kids get pretty excited about stories of saints that involve knights and shields, battles and bravery. Joan gives me daughter a way to commiserate with the boys about sword fighting and battles, as well.

One trick that I’ve used to help my children learn about the saints is to have them read about the saint and then reenact a short portion of their story for me. This time I thought it would be fun to do it another way: by telling the story with a puppet show!

Joan of Arc Puppet Show

This is one of those simple and easy crafts that you can plan ahead for, that uses little supplies. All you need is a shoe box or similar, scissors, crayons or markers, tape, and some skewers. Joan of Arc Puppet Show

With Joan’s feast day coming up on May 30th this is a great little craft that you can put together to share with your family, or anytime!


The links to the printable pages can be found by clicking these links; here and here. Enjoy and have fun!


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