How Do You Keep Your Yard Green?

No, seriously. How do you keep your garden green?

We close on our new {to us} house in a week. The previous owner is the original homeowner and it’s evident from the beauty of it that it was not just a house, but a home.

Our first home was purchased off a business that took it off the hands of one of their employees. They relocated, the house sat on the market for six months and we bought it. This time?

This time, we are clearly buying a home instead of a house. They are the original owners and it includes raising a family with children who are older than we are. We are excited to call this house our new home and hope that we can create as many cherished memories as this family did.

So, you’re probably wondering what the problem might be?

She has an amazing green thumb.

Me? Not so much.

Don’t get me wrong – I want to have a green thumb, but I lack whatever gene it is that makes plants bloom or retain information that reminds me to water the plants or give them proper nutrition.

I want to preserve all the hard work that went into the yard; hence, my plea to you all to give me some advice.

Look at how beautiful this backyard is. Complete with a water feature, a salt-water pool with a waterfall and GORGEOUS lush greenery around the perimeter of the backyard, I sure don’t want to be responsible for killing it.

So…share your gardening tips with me. What do you do to ensure your garden stays green, lush, and gorgeous?


3 Replies to “How Do You Keep Your Yard Green?”

  1. My husband does our gardening. The most regular things he does are watering (daily-ish) and mowing (bi-weekly-ish) and pruning (check online for how often your plants need) Weeding, fertilizer, mulch all happen too. Generally the fertilizer and mulch are yearly the weeding is when my husband finds a weed.

    Mostly, don’t worry. Plants are like hair, if you don’t kill it, it will grow back. 🙂

  2. I try not to worry about it, for the most part. For me, that ends up being the problem, lol. I start off with zeal to see how pretty our yard can be and then I run out of steam for one reason or another…

  3. That’s a gorgeous yard! The only way I could manage to keep it looking so nice would be to tie all the kids to trees and hire a groundskeeper! Seriously, though, keeping up on the watering is the biggest thing I can think of.

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