Hey Abortion Advocates, What do You Mean by Choice?

Oh, that’s right, you don’t like the word ‘choice’ anymore. So how do you plan to label your unconditional support for abortion? Is this new propaganda to relabel yourselves an attempt to muddy the waters so that we don’t know what to call you – to not ‘box you in’? Well, I’ve got news for you; you’ve never really been pro-choice anyway because the only choice you advocate is abortion. You run in alarm when a woman chooses birth and mothering or adoption. So your grand efforts to create an innocuous label for yourself has fallen flat and now, even you realize it’s just not very simple to create a favorable tag for yourselves. You’ve always advocated for one thing – killing a pre-born child in her mother’s womb. It’s really tough to put a favorable spin on that isn’t it?

Whether you call us anti-abortion, pro-life or radical right wing extremists, it’s not difficult to know what we stand for. We respect the lives of all people – born and unborn. Our love extends to the pre-born baby, mother, father, siblings, grandparents, cousins, and friends of each and every human person. The love we feel is not limited to the perfect, healthy, holy, churched, saintly, modest, young or old – it encompasses them all. Where you have unconditional support for abortion; we stand for unconditional support and love.

In case you’re still here reading this post I’ll share some examples of our brand of love with you:

We love the  woman and her baby when she has been diagnosed with cancer while pregnant.

We love the baby who endangers the mother’s life.

We love the baby who is a product of rape.

We love the baby with a serious diagnosis of ‘imperfection’.

We love the baby  mourned due to miscarriage.

We love the woman who aborted her baby.

We love the aged.

We also love you, abortion proponent. We pray for your conversion and change of heart daily and fervently. We long to embrace you and share the joy we feel in living out the admonition given to us all directly from Jesus, ‘Love others as you love yourself’. His love is the most unconditional of all. Won’t you join us in seeking that type of perfection?


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