Happy Father’s Day!

Only on a day like today, a day reserved typically for our Splendid Sundays posts, would I attempt to break my own rule.


Well…you see, about 9.5 months ago I made a pregnancy announcement through a funny {to me} post about Eleventy Billion Quips You’ll Hear About Your Large Family. I also mentioned in my recent June 8 interview on Wendy Wiese’s Relevant Radio show On Call that we were expecting our newest addition in the next week. That was yesterday. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate exception to the rule than to share our news that #6, aka Joshua Paul arrived yesterday. The benefit of going through the birthing center is that we went home the same day, picked up a birthday cake to celebrate with the kids and, just like the good parents we are, we ate cake for dinner. And ice cream. Cuz that’s how we roll.

Here are a few pics of the family and our new little guy. The kids are absolutely over the moon with our newest little feller.

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