Get Your Letter from Santa!

NorthPolesignCatholic Sistas began as a collaboration between women who had become friends through an online forum. And as the site’s northernmost member (I live just 100 miles below the Arctic Circle), I have the unique distinction of living in a small, Christmas-themed town in Alaska called…wait for it…NORTH POLE!

And when I say, “Christmas-themed,” I’m not kidding. We have streets named Santa Claus Drive and Mistletoe Lane…our parish is St. Nicholas Catholic Church…our street lights are striped and bent to look like candy canes. (Even the welding business has giant candy canes across its entrance.) Businesses sport decorated trees all year and every winter, local “ice artists” carve whimsical ice statues of Santa and other holiday figures to grace the town. We even have “The Santa Claus House,” where a 50-foot-tall Santa statue announces that Santa and his LIVE reindeer are ready to greet you all year.

And the coolest part? When your kids pop a letter into the mail to “Santa,” it usually ends up at our post office. Really. Our post office is so proud of its location that it has a big, splashy postmark announcing that the item came from NORTH POLE. 

For $10, I’ll send a personalized letter from Santa to your kids, grandchildren, or any special little ones; I’ll even write to a spouse, pastor, or friend who would get a kick out of receiving a letter from Santa. The letter will be written on Christmas-themed stationery and postmarked from North Pole. So it will be clear to the lucky receiver that it REALLY comes from St. postofficeNick! See this link for a sample letter to an individual child: Sample Letter

TO REQUEST A LETTER, VISIT THE ORDER FORM HERE. All orders must be received by 5pm on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10 to ensure arrival well before Christmas. Have a blessed Advent and Merry Christmas!

P.S. You do not have to believe in Santa to request a letter.

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