From Our Family to Yours

From our contributors:


I wish all our readers a blessed day as you gather with family and friends to give thanks. ~ Kerri

May we cherish each moment with our family and friends today, even those who challenge our charity, for those are the very ones who might need our kindness and gratitude the most. ~ Christine

In thanksgiving for my Catholic faith, the sacraments and the priests who make them possible. I am also thankful for the gift of Life. May we honor the value of everyone – young and old, born and unborn. For the joy of being in a large, messy, and loving family. In gratitude for good health after my bout with cancer and for the medical professionals who administer to the sick. I am thankful for the help of others – family, friends, and even strangers – on my life’s journey. And for the safety of a warm home where I hope to grow old with my one true love. Thank you Lord for the beauty of your creation. Let us cherish the masterpiece that is our world. ~ Birgit

I am thankful that at all times God is holding our family firmly in His hands. I am thankful that He has put the right people here to surround me with love and faith. I am thankful that He trust us so much that He would bless us so richly, even when we are not deserving. We pray that during this Thanksgiving season and at all times, that you feel every bit as blessed and loved as our family feels. ~ Michelle

My prayer this day is that everyone has the chance to spend the day with someone they love. I pray that this holiday season will be one that spreads the light and love of Christ to all. May we all reach out to one another in friendship, seeking to find common ground rather than to condemn and highlight differences.  ~ Marie

I want to remember and hold up in prayer all our military men and women, especially the ones that are separated from loved ones this holiday season. Thank you and your families! ♥ ~ Ann Marie O.

I thank God that we have enough food to eat, warm clothing and a comfortable bed to sleep in. I ask God to give us the resources and means to help others receive these blessings, too. ~ AnnMarie C.

I thank God for my family — especially Andrew & Rachel on their birthday weekend — & friends. I thank God for my continued recovery & wish for it to continue smoothly. I thank God for the continued support & love I get from my family — especially Andrew & mom — & friends — especially the Sistas — & even complete strangers throughout the world. I pray that Rachel & my Thanksgiving story will help other women facing a diagnosis like mine.

I pray that all people in the world will open their eyes & hearts to the wonderful gift of life & give thanks for life even when things look desperate. I pray that cancer patients the world over are getting good care & are thankful for the hard-working doctors, nurses & researchers who are trying to help end the tragedy of cancer. ~ Erika V.

Thankful for our ancient, transcending Faith. Thankful for our Church that has withstood the test of time and every enemy. Thankful for the Eucharist which transforms the ordinary into extraordinary on so many levels. Thankful for my family, both my beloved husband and children and my awesome extended families. And thankful for the kind of friends that are around year after year, mistake after mistake, trial after trial, and joy after joy. ~ Adrienne

I’m thankful to have come home to the Catholic Church in 2004, and to the amazing people who serve their parishes through RCIA programs. I pray for those currently preparing to come into full communion this coming Easter. ~ Nicole

 I’m thankful for the gift of family, whether by blood or bound through our Catholic Faith. ~ Martina

I wish peace and blessings upon all of our readers and contributors, and that we may feel grateful that we are well fed, both physically and spiritually by God’s gracious hand. ~Brittany

Thankful for God who loves and forgives us. Thankful for the Communion of Saints we look to as examples of God’s wishes for us. Wishing for all to be grateful for lives filled with blessings. ~ Charla

I thank God for calling me out of atheism and sparing me a life without Him. I beg for graces for those who have not yet come home, that they might enjoy God’s loving presence in their lives, too. ~ Misty

For the life God has called me to lead, instead of the one I want…I am thankful that he softened my heart and opening my mind to listen to Him. Which means I am thankful for my new parish, my husband, my children, my new pastor, and friends. ~ Erika D.

I am thankful for the Baptist community where I grew up for instilling in me a love for our Lord Jesus and His Word, and for God leading me home to His Holy Catholic Church, where my experience with Jesus has deepened in intimacy. ~ Tiffany P.

 I am thankful that God allowed me to go through all the hardships in my life and that when it was time, and His Will, He whacked me with the 2×4 that brought me Home to Him and His Church. I’m thankful that He never gives up on anyone and that by His Grace, I’m alive to tell people what He has done for me. ~ Leticia

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of being able to worship you in freedom. Thank you, Lord for you many blessings in our lives.
Please continue to lead us and guide us in all that we do, so that we may help bring about the Kingdom of God, while we wait in joyful hope for your coming. ~ Emily

So thankful for all the priests whose goal is to encourage their flock to grow in holiness and to be saints, and who preach the Truth gently but firmly. ~ Colleen

Thank you for the opportunity to start over again in the sacrament of confession, to continue to strive to become a saint, for all our opportunities to become better and more holy people. ~ Lisa

I give thanks to God for the gift of my husband, children, and our whole family and that we are surrounded by a wonderful church and school family. May everyone celebrate God’s blessings both big and small on this day of thanksgiving and every day! ~ Amy M.

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